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Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing services

In this world the people are living together, among these people; those who have businesses and services are going to offer Their services for the people who need these kinds of services. 

We live in a digital and electronic world and if you see the years have been passed, you can understand how technology has been changed through these years. Today people who have businesses can develop their commercial activities on the digital marketing services, on the digital marketing services people like entrepreneurs or people who have a business on their own can attract lots of customers due to the services and marketing process that they are going to offer to their customers. If you search on Google, you can see a lot of pages that are included in digital marketing services. 

Everything is online now; for example, if you want to pay your gas bill you can just use your internet network to pay your bill. now the “Web Design Studio Pro” is going to tell you that why some businesses use digital marketing services to develop their quality and how it works. This article wants to tell you that you have no differences from the other people who have a business on their own. You also can have your own business and if you want to develop your business to makes a lot of money each month so you must have to be with us until the end of the article, after reading this article your world of business will change quickly so let us help you.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Digital Marketing Services

When a business commences the job activity, the owner of the business figures out that how this business can attract the attention of the customers. Some owner of traditional businesses believes that if they offer good products and services to the customers, this will be helpful for them to attract a lot customers to their businesses’ the owner the business have to focus on the marketing for services and the owner of the business have to focus on the digital world. The Internet marketing firm can help the owner of the business to grow the business so these owners have to find some hoaxes to help them to develop their business and the internet marketing firm is a useful and appropriate tool in this situation.

Have you ever asked yourself that what digital marketing services can do? some of you may think that;  this agency has the same activity as traditional marketing companies. But we have to tell you that there are differences between them.

If you are intending to make a business internet on your own you have to make a website for your business internet, and this website that you made will help you to show your business to the whole world.

The firms and the company which has a business based on web marketing company can develop their own business through the internet.

The digital marketing services are usable in lots of methods and if you have a business on your own and as we have mentioned before; you need digital marketing services to develop your business and as you know there are lots of methods that online marketing services work through them and we have digital marketing company which will help you to use these methods to make lots of solutions for your problems and you will develop and make progress in your job for eternity. We have some digital marketing tools that we are going to mention below:

Then we are going to talk about them in separate paragraphs

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Basics

The SEO is a term which comes from Search engine optimization and, it has lots of techniques and methods to help you to progress your business website so this term will help your site to get a better ranking on the search engine of google so the people who want your products and services will find you quickly. You must know that if your have website has the best ranking on the search engine of Google, it will boost all the business activity of your life; actually, this will be an advertisement for you, this will make your website reputable throughout the whole world.

The search engine of Google or other application will offer the choices for a search response of Google. The search engines are also like a library; you just go in a library and you will search about the book you want you may go to the shelf of your favorite subject and you can easily find your favorite book this process is exactly like search engines.

The whole thing of the search engines is based on an algorithm so in the meantime, you just have to know and understand the whole process of the algorithm and implement it on your website.


Google to Rake in over 50% of Online Ad Revenues:

Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO

In this part, first; we have to know and understand what franchise means, so what is a franchise?

The Franchise means a licensing which has been given to a person to sell the products and services of the firm or company for which this person working for. This concession is temporary and this will behold in exchange for the payment. When an owner of a business wants to make a progress in the market and develop the stock market of the business so we can conclude that he/she wants to be so famous on a territory. this person will make a licensing for the products that will buy through lots of people.

The person who bought the franchise license will take some advantages on their own such as:

  • Have lots of experiences out of a successful business
  • The person can take lots of benefits from the franchisor
  • we have to say that the whole process of this Thing can make progress in the business activity of this person

In the meantime, the firm that sold its franchise license will have some benefits such as:

Making lots of money monthly

The brand of this firm will be reputable on the whole world

It is not necessary to do some direct investments due to the progression of the company.


Link building

Link building

Link building is an approach that will help your website to have a great quality to have lots of inputs links which also be helpful for the users to search your website so quickly. generally, link building can make a huge of links in a website and this process will increase the ranking of your website on a search engine like Google.

In the link-building process, we have to optimize our website in lots of ways. For example, one of these optimization processes is on-page and this will help you to have the best rank on the google search addition to internal optimization, we can make another optimization which is called off-page optimization, and, in this position, we have to do some activity on some social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and telegram and stuff like that to make a huge off-page optimization. The whole process of the link-building process will help your website to attract lots of users and this is one of the best ways to bring the process into your business activities.


Technical SEO

technical SEO

Technical SEO is including a branch of some activities which are connected to your website and the whole thing is related to the search engines. Of course, the whole process of Technical SEO is about making easy two steps which are the crawl and index process on the website. The crawl steps help the search engines to find new web pages and some new changes that happened on the search engines, this will be caused by some bots which belong to the search engines. The information which has been detected by the bots will be indexed on the library part.

The whole parts of the technical SEO and other things like we have mentioned before will help your site to have the best rank on the search engines. All these processes while increasing the speed of your website and this is the best features for you because the users will find your website easily and this is one of the best ways to sell your products and services to your customers who should be the users of your website.

Web design and development

website design

We have two terms which are called web design and web development, and there are some differences between them

A website includes some parts which are mentioned below:

  1. In some cases there is you and the web design: in this part, we have to consider the graphic features such as colors on the website or some new thing about the menu of the website it means that the menu of the website will show you the content that is stored on the website.
  2. Content: this part will show you what are the information and products that are placed on the website.
  3. the performance of the website: This term includes some features that include the relation between the website and the user and this will reveal the internal structure of the website to the users.
  4. The usability of the website

This term is related to the capabilities of the website which can be seen by the users so the owner of the website has to consider all the pictures and features on the menu which have to be in the favor of the users. Also, the owner of the website has to make the website in a way that will show all the interesting information that users have been looking for them so many times.

There are some differences between web design and web development that we are going to talk about them.

The definition of web designing and web development are engaged together so maybe if we want to talk about the structure of the website, we will have lots of problems.

Web designing is about making content and template of the website but web development is including making the performance of the site and considering the usability of the website.

The website designers have to have professional skills for using some tools such as photoshops and stuff like that. This part will help the owners of the websites to make a great website for the users and this is also will make a progress on the business activity of the owner of the websites.

The web developers will be programming all the structure and functions of the websites and in some cases, the whole part of the programming is based on HTML. All the content of HTML   can be implemented on separate applications. So, the web designers and the web developers have to work and do a lot of projects altogether and this is what the customer looking for because unity will make victory for business activity.

Custom web design

All the customs websites have been designed based on the needs of the owner of the website. If someone wants to make a website, the custom web design will be helpful because this term will consider the need and the necessary things of the person who is also the owner of the website. The custom web design will be helpful for those people who also have a business company and also want to have progress on their activities. So, this term is ways which can bring lots of benefits on our business and this is kind of an advertisement approach for those people who wants to be famous throughout the whole world.

The customer web design also has some characteristics such as the implementation of the best information which could include a fast process. The custom web design could be localized for the owner of the website. we could see also lots of benefits on custom web design, for example, there is a great performance and we can see the best graphic design on this kind of website and there is a most important characteristic which is search engine optimization, and as we know this is one of the best features can help us to improve our business activity.

Social media marketing

social media marketing

When a lot of people start using social media such as Instagram, Telegram, my space, LinkedIn, Twitter, and stuff like that; so, a lot of people who have a business have decided to do some advertisement on the social media platforms about their jobs. We have to know that social media marketing is not as easy as other techniques in the Digital marketing service. This term shows us some steps which are useable and helpful to make progress in our business activities.

First, we have to know what is the definition of social marketing media. Social media marketing includes lots of platforms that are based on the content and information about the products and services which are going to be sold to the people. But the main idea is about increasing the sale process for the owner of the business companies and it also helps to gain the best website traffic. Social media will help you to attract lots of followers for example on Instagram we can promote our business; it is not important that what is your business, based on this Instagram is the hugest social media in the world and this is going to be the best way to make lots of benefits for yourself.

There are lots of benefits for us to use social media to make progress on our business; so, we decide to talk about this benefit in social media.

The benefits that exist in social media are:

  1. We can make reputable the brand of our business.
  2. We can make the best relation between us and our customers.
  3. We can figure out the things about our competitors which are mostly about the business activity.
  4. The social media can change us to a leader in our business activities.
  5. The social media can help us to get the best rank on search engines optimization.

The statements that we mentioned above are just a bit of the benefit of social media marketing; so, we have to tell you that if we use social media to boost our business activities, we will get the best results so quickly.

In social media marketing, there are lots of ways that you have never heard before about them, and you do not know which is the way is an appropriate way for you to achieve your goals, so our advice is going to tell you that, before doing something about your business; you have to do dome consultation with experts.

Pay per click (PPC) management

pay per click management

The process of considering and managing the charge of marketing dude to the paper click will be called the paper click management. This arrangement is a kind of advertisement and it includes strategies which will help us to diminish and charge of click-through advertising. This term could be done by the owner of an e-business company or by some experts who are so special in their job. This term will help us to optimize all the things that are related to the cost of advertising approaches.

The expert of PPC will do some jobs such as keywords analysis and channel strategies. In the keyword analyzing the expert will discover all the special keywords which have been used by some company which has the same activity in their businesses

In the step of channel strategy, some Google advertisements are dependent on some networks and some social media which force you to pay the amount of money to access all of the advertising situations about your job it means the Paper click management is a term which can help you to make the best advantages of the advertising procedures. You have to know that you can hire an expert in the field of paper per click management to earn lots of amounts money and make an effort of the advertising procedures.  

Video production

video production

In video production marketing we can make lots of videos about our business activities and attract lots of people to our products and services. Actually, by making videos we can introduce our products and services to those people who are interested in our business activities.

The real important reason for video production marketing is that some people and users are not comfortable with reading a just simple explanation about our products so making a video can make alive the motivation inside of these kinds of users and it will bring us lots of fortunes and benefits which can help us to improve our business.

In video production marketing we can make lots of videos based on lots of subjects such as some videos that are educational and these videos can also be an educational tip which can help the users to attract to your products and services. Also, we can make some videos that advertise our products and services; This is the whole thing in the digital marketing services because it will help us to make a contact to our customers, we can make products based on the favor of the customers. Except for these two subjects we have lots of other things such as scientific video or motivational videos but you have to know that all the contents of video production marketing are about the advertisement of our products and services that we are going to offer them to the customers.

Content writing

content writing

Content writing is the best way to help us with the most precious content unorders to help us to achieve our goals in business and marketing activities. This term is the best approach to help us to familiarize the customers with our products this will be helpful for the businessmen and women. This term could help us to make the appropriate content for the best sailing in our business activities.

The whole content has to have a great unity to attract the people who want to buy products or services. The whole characteristics of the content writing include some details and we are going to tell you what they are:

We have to write content that has the best appropriate feature such as the topic, paragraphs and the main structure of the content, and the target of the content. We have to use our perspective to bring the details of our main products and services. The last thing will be; making a reliable contact between us and customers so this would be also one of the best ways to improve our business activities.

Online reputation management (AMS)

Online reputation management

If you are active in digital marketing services you have to understand that each one of the people that you have been working for together was an expert in social media, but this whole thing would be part of the online reputation management, this term is also usable in digital marketing services.

You have to know that online reputation management will be an important part for businessmen and women. Online management will help you to increase the quality of the brand of your business. And you use this term in lots of social media such as telegram and Instagram.

We have to manage the SEO of our website because this would be helpful on the search engines and you have to understand that if you have a top ranking on the search engine a lot of users can find your website so quickly.

We have to make some Hashtag on the name of our brand because this will make us and easy-going things for the users who wants to find us. We also have to be active on lots of social media; we have to know that if we want to make lots o money so we have to try lots of sources that will bring us the amount of money that we have ever wanted in our life.

Amazon marketing services (AMS)

Amazon marketing services

Amazon marketing services are the best way for some people who want a better business. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world and it has a lot of products in so many fields. You can be a seller on Amazon and the Amazon has an application that can help the customers find the products that he/she want so maybe this would your product, who knows.

You can make a procedure for yourself to do everything you need to be a part of Amazon marketing services. You just have to do one thing which the directing the customers to the website of amazon then you killed two birds with just one little stone.

The first thing you have to do is signing up for the application of Amazon then you have to join the part which is called the Amazon association page. You kneed just choose some products and advertise them through amazon you can also do this through a channel from YouTube or website or a phone number that has been related to your business. And you need to have a website that has the best qualities among the other websites.

All the things about the procedures of the Amazon marketing services include some rules. These rules are not so hard for example you have to have a website or YouTube channel to advertise a product or your activity should have been based on the Amazon association.

If you want to improve the advertisement of your content you should have to get the best ranking on the search engines, and you need to have the best title and description for your topic.

E-commerce marketing

e-commerce marketing

Advertisement is a part of marketing and e-commerce marketing also has the same situation. so this term will help you to make a reputable brand for yourself. E-commerce marketing can make a motivational movement inside the mind of the customers to buy the product and service which have been offered by a business company.

e-commerce is an online tool for the owner of businesses to make their brand and products and services so reputable. The method of advertising on the e-commerce marketing will help us to make a plan to sell our products and services to our main customers.

We also have lots of types of e-commerce marketing which we are going to talk about them later. so we move on to the types of e-commerce marketing. All of the brands of the businesses have some content that could be interesting for those people who are interested in the content. For example, Instagram is the best platform for e-commerce marketing you can put a picture of your products and services on Instagram then you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And also, some of the things that we have mentioned before such as SEO, email marketing that we are going to talk about it later; are some parts of e-commerce marketing.

We have to know that the relationship between the customers and the owner of the business has to be a trustable connection so customer relation management is a useful term in the e-commerce field. Based on this reason in the customer relationship management, we know that both of them; it means customer and the owner of the businesses will have some benefits on their positions.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Have you ever wanted to use some apps and you feel that you cannot use them at all so in the meantime the conversion rate optimization will show itself? The CRO has some targets on itself such as:1- Improving the process of the information which have been stored on the website. 2- this term will make a trustable bond between the elements of the services and products. 3-it can have some of the understanding of the functional features4- the whole targets of the brand could become true on the CRO part.

This term is just based on the interaction procedures, so we have to improve some of our characteristics that are related to the interaction procedures.

On the CRO we need some elements such as motivation targets and the necessary thing which are the based reason on the CRO also we need to face some challenges, these elements are the basic principles that will help us on the CRO procedures. All the scenarios of CRO will be based on these elements so you have to clarify them for your selves to make a better idea to active your goals on the CRO procedures.

Email marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is the best way for advertisement and it has lots of benefits. An email is a tool for us to communicate with lots of people and institutions. so the people who have a business decision that the Email would be a great tool in advertising, though; through email, we can send an email or receive an email.

In email marketing, we have to know what are our strategies. Also, these strategies will help us to increase the quality of our business and we can attract lots of customers to our services and products. The main purpose of email marketing is to make progress in our business’s activity.

Email marketing has lots of benefits on its own that we are going to talk about them. for example, email marketing is an effective way because when we send an email to one of our contacts so we will get our result later or sooner.  Through email marketing, we can also analyze the behavior of the customers and it will guide us to send an interesting email which they are going to like. By email marketing, we can start our marketing so easily and it costs nothing much for us. one of the disadvantages of email marketing is Spam that happened if the receivers of our messages will delete our messages or store them as Spam emails.

Through email marketing, we can have an Email newsletter, or we can receive some discount offers from some company son bottom we have to say that Email marketing is the best way to some people who want to improve their businesses.

E-commerce web design

E-commerce web design

All the website of the E-commerce are the same so it has some perspective on its own which make it so unique among other websites. The e-commerce website has the greatest graphic features like colors and stuff like that. An E-commerce website has some principles such as: having a great experience for the customers who do online shopping and the e-commerce website can be at the top of the other website which will be our competitors.

An e-commerce website will have visitors with just 2 clicks so some online stores have lots of products so this would make a challenging way for Digital marketing agencies and digital marketing services.

The e-commerce website is so unique in lots of fields so if you want to have a website like this you have to gain consultations from the experts in this field.

Web hosting

Web hosting

Web hosting is a place or a space that is connected to a server and this server is connected to the internet network and a lot of files will be on this space and these files have been stored throughout the whole world. This term will be useful for internet marketing firms that will focus on the data of the internet. If we want to make a website, first we have to buy a host and there are lots of companies which sell lots of hosts for a lot of types of websites. You need to know that how many databases you need and the domain of your website will be based on the region that you live in there.

Some web hosting can be shared among lots of people this has a low cost but you have to know that this has some disadvantages like we cannot manage the server.

Some web hosting services are dedicated and this has so much cost on its own. Some marketing for services will buy could web hosting or WooCommerce and some will choose virtual web hosting but we have to know each of them to have their advantages and disadvantages so before doing anything we should consider a lot of things.

web design studio pro
Digital Marketing FAQ Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Frequently asked digital marketing questions

Frequently asked digital marketing questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in digital marketing

Questions about digital marketing companies:


How do internet marketing services drive business growth?

On the digital marketing company, we can see lots of original things because there are lots of small businesses that are in the process of progression. This term also is an important key for the generation of the future. Internet marketing services are the best and appropriate tool for those people who wants to experience the progression of their job.

In the meantime, the whole procedures of internet marketing are also related to online marketing services because we can see lots of online shopping that are active in both internet marketing and online marketing service. If you watch the whole world, you can see lots of things that are on the internet so we can talk about the web marketing company which is active in online shopping or whatever thing that is related to online marketing and also the internet marketing services which is highly an improving idea for the business owners.

Indeed, the internet marketing services include lots of channels which have lots of plans on their own business to bring back lots of benefits on their companies and this term will help to kill two birds with one stone especially for those people who have internet marketing firms.


Why choose Web Design Studio Pro as your digital marketing services agency?

Digital marketing services have lots of parts that can improve the brand of your business. In a meantime, the Web Design Studio Pro can do lots of different things. The Web Design Studio Pro will make lots of differences in the marketing services and digital marketing for businesses so if your business activity is on the website marketing of digital marketing agencies and stuff like that. You can rely on the Web Design Studio Pro because this firm will help you to experience lots of differences which can help you to improve your businesses activity so do not waste your time and come to the Web Design Studio Pro, and do the processes which are related to your business activities.


How to decide on the best digital marketing services for your business?

If you want to choose one of the digital marketing services, you have to know that this will affect all things which are related to your business's you want to choose one of them; you have to research about them carefully, because this term will help you to attract lots of customers to your business, but before that, you have to know some rules which are going to help you to choose the best digital marketing services

The first step that you have to know is to figure out that what are your goals?

On the digital marketing steps, you have to know that you need lots of strategies and plan to achieve you goes of your business. You have to consider your motivations and your goals this will help you to know what will happen got you in the future.

The next step that we mentioned before is searching about the internet marketing firms on the territory of your business activities, this will help you to know your competitors and settling some plans which are going to help you to boost your business. So, you have to know that using a full-service digital marketing agency will help you to improve your business.


How do I choose an online marketing agency for my small business?

In business, sometimes you need some catalyzers to improve the process of your activity. so, we can tell you to use a tool which is called the online marketing agency. The online marketing agency will help you to improve the quality of the name of your brand in business and you will see the developments that will reveal on your business and this will be the same for your small business.

Indeed, if you search for an online marketing agency near me, it will show you the ways that you have to pass to achieve your goals too.


What forms of marketing are most effective?

Sometimes you may be asking yourself that what kind of internet marketing agency is near me or maybe you say what are the marketing agencies near, if you want to answer these questions you just need the internet to research about the main marketing which is going to be effective for your business, we discussed the kinds of marketing in detail before and you have to know which kind is suitable for your business then you will find which one is effective for you may be you even ask yourself what is the internet marketing service near me so as we said you just need internet to search about them.


Which online marketing is the best?

In this term, you have to know which online marketing can help you to analyze customer behavior and online marketing have to be available easily, it also has to support the lowest cost. The customers should be the main issue on the online marketing so if you find on-line marketing which have these characteristics that we mentioned; I have to say that do not worry and, use it for your business.


How can I start digital marketing?

If you want to start digital marketing for your business maybe you ask yourself what is the internet marketing service near me, or you want to find a full-service marketing agency. In this part you have to know about the strategies of digital marketing, you need to know about every term that we discussed before like SEO and email marketing and stuff like that, then you gain the information that you know, this will help you to start your digital marketing easily.


What is online marketing?

Online marketing is about making contacts with our customers but this time this contact would happen through the internet. And in online marketing, you need to know that you have to use the best internet marketing agency which is going to help you to improve your business.


What is the meaning of online marketing?

As we mentioned above the online marketing is about making contacts with our customers and users so we also mentioned some online marketing before that we going to tell you again some of their names:

  • Pay Per Click management
  • SEO
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production
  • Email marketing


What are the benefits of online marketing?

On online marketing, you can do some advertisements about your business. You can also have your customers sell your services and products. The costs are also low on the online marketing in some cases, by this term you can to improve your business easily.


What are the major challenges of online marketing?

In all kinds of marketing, we have some challenges like website marketing so on online marketing, you may have some major challenges, for example, you may not have enough knowledge about the online marketing that you are going through or you need to know what is the behavior of the customers. You also need the best strategies for your business and the most important challenge is about the amount of money that you have to use on your online marketing subject.


Why do companies prefer digital marketing?

Today, you can widely see that the use of digital words in digital marketing and marketing has increased. The definition of digital marketing is that a way to promote a brand or products and products through electronic and digital solutions is called digital marketing and as it is clear has a direct relationship with increasing the use of the Internet and its spread in the community. This type of marketing is very different from the traditional type of marketing.

But what they can do for you in digital marketing, in short, is give you advice. They say what is being visited and how much time has been set aside for the visit. They also give you the times he has visited and so on. Then they analyze the sales information and give you a picture of them. The most important channel for digital marketing is the Internet and tools such as phone and SMS applications and so on. Digital TVs and radio channels are other digital marketing tools.

One of the benefits of digital marketing is the pervasiveness of digital media so that customers can use the information wherever and whenever they want. It is no longer possible to send content and messages to contacts in a one-way and anthology. Today, social media is growing very fast and is considered the largest source for various activities such as shopping, entertainment, and any kind of social activity. One thing to keep in mind in digital marketing is that today users are no longer content with one limited resource and if you own a particular product they prefer not to be content with what you say and use other sources about the product and business. You investigate. Trust is one of the basic conditions in digital marketing for people today and they are looking for reliable businesses and the brand succeeds in gaining this trust. Brands need to adapt to the needs of users and customers to communicate well with them.


What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?


Traditionally, we would go to a shop to get a product and choose that product.

Because we did it physically and talked to the seller a little bit, we had this confidence and peace of mind.

But digital marketing is not like that. The seller can be anywhere in the world.

Also in most online purchases, you have to pay before receiving the product. This may make some people hesitate to buy from you.

The solution also goes to the branding debate, which gives you your reputation and credibility.

Distrust can also be divided into the following 3 main categories.

  • Lack of confidence in the quality
  • Have you ever shopped online?
  • How likely are you that their quality will be as mentioned in the description?

This is called a lack of confidence in quality. Lack of confidence in quality occurs when you can not check the product you want to buy. This is not just about digital marketing but also traditional methods.

Lack of trust in scheduling

You may need a product for another week

You have two choices to prepare the desired product

1- After searching, go to the desired store and buy the product

2- Order it online

In the first method, you face problems such as shipping and spending time to find the product at a reasonable price

In the second method, you do not have these problems, instead, the product may not reach you on time

In such cases, some people guarantee that you will receive the product on time

Otherwise, the company will pay you late damages Of course, this depends on the CRM strategy of the company, and not every company has it


Lack of trust in online payment

There are still some who prefer to make their payments in the traditional way

These people have a kind of technology phobia

They are willing to spend hours in the bank queue but do not go for online payments at all. It's a little hard to gain the trust of these people

Especially with so many online scams, they can be given a little bit of legitimacy

Of course, this problem is diminishing day by day and many people make their payments online daily. However, this problem has existed since the advent of digital marketing until today.

What skills are required for digital marketing?

Digital marketing requires skills, and there are many ways for people looking to enter the world of digital marketing and related careers. About smart information, some of the most important skills needed for 2017 were digital advertising, content creation, content strategy, and social media, which are very important for people who tend to the creative, social, and business goals of the spectrum...

For those who are technically intelligent, there is still a lot of demand, and for those who specialize in technology such as SEO and SEM, the high-potential potential is something that can benefit any business from the ground up.

Traffic-related content marketing and anyone with the technical skills to analyze these patterns will be a valuable asset, especially as these types of jobs become more complex with the advent of artificial intelligence.


Is digital marketing powerful?

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Digital marketing helps you reduce your costs, and save a considerable amount of money.

With traditional marketing methods, it is very difficult to compete with large companies. Large companies spend large sums of money on television, radio, and billboards. This makes it easy for small and medium-sized companies to compete.

Despite all this competition, small businesses can maintain their customer market as much as their budget. Many different methods of digital marketing can be implemented with small budgets.

For example, you can use click-through ads to get better visibility. In click-through ads, your audience is redirected to the service provider's site by clicking on your brand or website address. Many companies offer this type of service. One of the best benefits of this type of advertising is the budget as much as the feedback. This means that you charge your credit with the provider, for every click and referral to your site, some of your credit will be deducted from the provider.

The biggest expense in digital marketing is patience. The conclusion of all digital marketing methods is quite definite. But you have to work hard and be patient to achieve the desired income and growth.

What are the opportunities for digital marketing?

Digital marketing is very diverse in terms of job opportunities. As companies and businesses get bigger, more specialized specialties and responsibilities arise, but in this section, we will look at the top 10 job positions in digital marketing.

  • Content production expert
  • Content Manager
  • Manager of social networks
  • Social Network Admin
  • SEO expert
  • Email Marketing Expert
  • UI/UX designer
  • Digital Influencer
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Digital Marketing Manager


What is inbound marketing?

Internal marketing, abduction marketing, introverted marketing is common term used to mean inbound marketing. When a customer comes to you in different ways, he or she goes through a marketing funnel (sales funnel) or a journey called the customer journey. If in this way you try to turn the audience into a customer with methods other than direct advertising and by providing valuable and useful content, this process is called inbound marketing.


What is outbound marketing?

External marketing, outbound marketing, outsourced marketing, or auto marketing is the process of direct advertising and marketing in a direct way to increase product sales that we have known for many years. In introverted marketing, it is the customer or user who comes to you, but in extroverted marketing, it is you who goes to the customer.


What is affiliate marketing?

A sales or marketing affiliate marketing system, also known as affiliate marketing, is a common way of marketing in the offline and online world that can have a good output. In this system, as a publisher, you publish ads for products that are not for you on your site or other pages, and in return for achieving certain goals, you receive a commission or a percentage of sales. Sometimes this percentage can be a fixed number.


What is content marketing?

If we want to define simple and practical content marketing, we can say that content marketing is the use of practical and attractive content to realize marketing and sales programs. In this way, you use a variety of content formats to reach your audience so that you can first engage and loyal it and then become a customer. The important thing to keep in mind is that you must first know the marketing concepts well so that you can attract customers with your content and copywriting power to eventually achieve the desired sales.


What is SMS marketing?

Many people think that SMS is no longer as effective as it used to be, but they are wrong. SMS marketing still works in many cases, such as when you are looking for quick feedback or your audience is not very online.

SMS marketing means using SMS to achieve marketing and sales goals and ultimately increase conversion rates.


What is the conversion rate?

You are pursuing an important goal with all kinds of advertising and marketing methods in the online space and using digital tools, that users will eventually take the action you want. The most important thing you can expect is to buy products, but sometimes it can involve registering, filling out a form, attending an event, downloading a file, or installing the app you want.

In general, conversion rate means the number of people who have entered the site from the total number of users who have taken the action you want. The conversion rate percentage is calculated as follows

100% (total number of visitors/number of visitors who have taken the desired action) = conversion rate

As mentioned above, the conversion rate is very important and shows how successful we have been in paying for advertising and what our conversion rate has been. Therefore, conversion rate optimization is also very important.

Conversion rate optimization is the set of different actions and processes that we perform in different sectors to increase our conversion rate.


What is remarketing

Sometimes your various marketing methods do not work in the first place and you can not have a good conversion rate. In this case, you need to go to Remarketing. In re-marketing, your target and present your audience with different marketing methods. When you feel that your product no longer has the desired sales, you can go back to marketing.

Remarketing is sometimes referred to as remarketing or re-targeting the audience; Because after the investigations, it becomes clear that these people have left your site without any special action.


What is A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the most common methods in digital marketing. In this method, after a period of running one of the campaigns, you use the A / B test to be able to achieve the desired result. Whenever you want to test between the two options A and B to get the right option based on the feedback obtained, you have done A / B testing (A / B Testing).


What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate, while not always a definitive measure, is one of the worst key performance metrics (KPIs) that can occur for a site. If we want to define the bounce rate very simply, it means that out of the total number of entries of your site, how many users have left the site or returned to the previous page very quickly without going to the next page or a specific action.


What is Click Through Rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics in digital marketing that is very important. Click-through rate means how many total users who have seen your link in Google search results, click-through ads, email, or any other message have clicked on it. Each link, keyword, or page of the site can have a different click-through rate.


What is domain authority?

Domain validity is the rating given by a popular MOZ website from 0 to 100 to a site's domain to be measured based on various factors. Various factors such as the number and quality of backlinks, the number of times the brand name is searched in Google, domain life and social network signals have a great impact on domain credibility or DA.


What is the Key Performance Index (KPI)

To assess how successful we have been in the performance identified in the digital marketing strategy and how the performance of different teams has been, we must first identify the key and key indicators for our business and finally assess how well we have been able to achieve our performance. Let's approach these indicators. KPIs are a variety of measurable variables based on which we can evaluate the success rate of achieving defined goals.


What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)

As we mentioned, social media signals have a great impact on SEO and site domain credibility. Therefore, you should make the most of social network optimization. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a set of actions that you take to increase information, brand awareness, and the use of advertising methods in various social networks.

What are the Advantages Of Digital Marketing?

Advantages Of Digital Marketing

The advantage of digital marketing is increasing day by day. Every day, more and more consumers are researching the products they need on the Internet and buying the desired product online. According to research by Forbes magazine, 82% of customers research the brands that offer the product online before buying, and as one report reports, 79% of people make their purchases online. So how can we reach this high percentage of people? The answer is simple, digital marketing.

Many small businesses use digital marketing tactics to reach and engage their online audience. In fact, by 2021, digital marketing is projected to cost more than $ 332 billion in the United States alone. Digital marketing tactics are the least expensive tactics to reach the largest audience for your business.

13 main advantages of digital marketing

1- Measurable results

In traditional marketing, there is no way to count the number of people who have seen your billboard or thrown it in the recycle bin instead of a paper ad. But digital marketing provides you with consistent and reliable reports to know, for example, the exact number of people who opened your email or clicked on a specific link.

2- Customization capability

Ability to personalize with the help of digital marketing

With digital marketing, you can customize messages using people's interests and preferences.

Today, consumers are looking for private and customized services; This is clearly not possible in traditional marketing, because this type of marketing has a general nature. But digital marketing with its amazing tools allows you to use the interests and preferences of people to customize the message they receive. In fact, "personalization" is perhaps the biggest advantage of digital and online marketing.

3- Low cost to use

Traditional marketing activities, such as billboards and radio and television advertising, are now very expensive. But digital marketing products are available in scalable sizes; In this way, all small, medium and large businesses can use these products to reach the audience at the most reasonable prices.

4- Instant Interaction & Two-way Communication

In the past, when there was no talk of online marketing methods, it was more difficult for customers to interact with the business. With digital marketing, you can easily create a simple CTA to direct your customers to your website, Instagram page, telegram channel, or wherever your customers interact with your business.

In addition, in digital marketing, customers can easily communicate with businesses through social networks and email, which is two-way communication. Feedback and direct customer communication make it easier for businesses to identify their target audience and their needs, and to direct their business and marketing strategy toward increasing customer satisfaction. This two-way communication leads to more satisfaction and allows customers to market to you.

5- Advanced Targeting & Automation

Data from analytics services allows businesses to easily target their target audience; This is not possible in traditional marketing. In addition, automation tools and software make it easy to implement digital marketing on a larger and larger scale. Customer segmentation and personalization of digital marketing methods for different groups of customers is another benefit of digital marketing that is achieved using existing data. Not all of your customers are the same; You should not treat all of them the same way.

6- Achieving more contacts

Since digital marketing is done online, it covers a wider and more global area of the audience. While traditional marketing limits you to one geographic area, digital marketing allows you to reach your international audience at a high rate of effectiveness.

7- Easy optimization

Digital marketing comes with a report, which means that if you run into less than satisfactory performance in this type of marketing, it will be easy to spot the problem and change it.

Digital marketing comes with a report

You can even try a few different things, see which one works best, and choose the same one as your goal and forward-looking approach.

8- Higher customer attraction rate

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it attracts customers online with just a few clicks. Instead of customers picking up the phone or getting in the car and driving to your store, they can enter your website via the email you send. And make their purchase and comfortably get information about your organization while lying on the couch.

9- Accurate targeting of ideal buyers

When you book a billboard ad or a magazine ad, you are actually shooting in the dark and you can only hope that your ad will reach the right audience. Of course, there are ways to reach a more relevant audience through traditional marketing methods, but these capabilities can never compete with the precise targeting of audiences in digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can be sure that your target audience will see your content. SEO helps you reach an audience that is looking for products and topics that are relevant to your business.

Google click-through ads, banner ads, and social media help you target an audience that is likely to be interested in your products and services based on demographics and personality traits. By targeting, you can make better use of your budget and resources. With digital marketing, you no longer have to worry about the budget you spend on advertising reaching your target audience. With accurate targeting capabilities, digital marketing tactics ensure that your marketing efforts are based on strategies that really work.

10- Your audience is on social media, and digital marketing helps you reach them.

This is probably the most important item on our list of digital marketing benefits. In using traditional marketing techniques, you certainly encounter a size limit. Print ads are limited in place, market, and time, and if you want to expand the circle, you have to consider a huge gap. But in digital marketing, even though your reach is much wider, it is still much more targeted. Your only limitation in this space is creativity and strategy.

In digital marketing, your reach is much wider and more targeted

No matter what industry your business is in, there is a good chance that your target audience will spend most of their time on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to eMarketer, 2.34 billion people worldwide, or more than a third of the world's population, use social media regularly. Digital marketing helps you reach these interacting audiences. do. Not only can you create and publish unique content using platforms, but you can also reach more consumers through ads on those platforms.

Virtual platforms like Facebook offer you precise targeting options so you can reach exactly those audiences who are interested in your products and services. In addition to the above, social networks are platforms for connecting with your audience. They provide you with a purpose and interaction with them. Instead of just posting your content and not your audience, you can build valuable one-on-one connections with anyone who can provide valuable information to your brand. This is something that traditional marketing tactics can never do for you.

11- SEO and local SEO help you reach more potential customers

SEO is another powerful digital marketing tactic that offers you a variety of benefits. By optimizing your site content for search engines, you can reach more online shoppers. By using relevant keywords that describe your products and services, you can drive more targeted traffic to your website, which will increase your customer conversion rate over time. SEO is not just for international businesses. Many buyers are looking for local online companies, and these searches will eventually lead to a purchase. In fact, according to Google, 28% of searches for a product near search engines end in a purchase. Local SEO or Website optimization for local search results can be a valuable digital marketing tactic for businesses operating in a specific geographic location, such as chain stores, restaurants, and other service-oriented businesses.

12- Digital marketing helps you reach mobile customers

Another great advantage of digital marketing is that it allows you to reach customers who are searching and buying on their smartphones. More than half of Internet users use the Web on their mobile phones. Digital marketing helps you reach people who are on the Internet on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

13- You can easily and quickly adapt your tactics and strategies to get the best results with the changes.

With traditional marketing tactics like TV and newspaper ads, you have to wait for your campaign to finish to see the results. Although by analyzing the results of the campaign, you can find out what strategy to use for the next campaigns, when launching the campaign to the end, you can not do anything to adapt the strategy to the sudden situation.

With website data analysis tools, you can have unparalleled analytics

Because traditional marketing tactics force you to wait weeks or even months to figure out which strategy works, digital marketing gives you the ability to instantly see results and if Sudden adversity Quickly changes your strategy to adapt to the current situation for better results.

With website analytics tools, you can track the number of people who visit your site, the pages they visit, and when they visit your website. You can see the time and days of the peak traffic of the website and also check the conversion rate in different parts of the site. All this data gives you valuable information that you can use to improve your campaign and strategies. for example; Suppose you write a series of blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy.

You want to know if it's better to continue this series of blogs or focus on other topics. You can use the website analysis tool to check your blog posts and see how many people read the posts and how many of them do the required action in this section and convert. Tracking the success of this content marketing campaign allows you to instantly know which is the best way to use your resources and this way you can get the best results for your campaign tactics.

14- Digital marketing equals the playing field and allows your business to become more competitive.

Usually competing with Large businesses can be difficult for small businesses due to budget and resource constraints. However, digital marketing helps to level the playing field and allows small brands to compete online. Traditional marketing tactics, such as print advertising, are expensive and require a large budget to succeed. But on the other hand, digital marketing tactics are payable and allow businesses large and small to be exposed to the audience.

Digital marketing allows small brands to compete online

With digital marketing, small businesses can market and promote their products and services nationwide and even internationally. If your business is not limited to a specific location, you can use digital marketing to reach your target audience around the world. This allows small businesses to find new audiences for their products and services. Digital marketing can also level the playing field. While smaller retailers can not afford to pay for promotional tools such as graphic work and expensive store supplies, they can easily and cheaply create a regular, simple, and attractive website that can provide a good user experience for the audience...

15- Many people start shopping online

Think about how often you turn to Google and other search engines for information. Your customers are no different when it comes to products or services that can solve their biggest problems. In fact, according to reports, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Even before customers know what product or service they need, they go to search engines to get answers to their questions and read about their challenges.

A recent survey found that more than 59% of consumers prefer to check out several different channels before contacting a business. These channels include business profiles on social media, emails, and online advertising, all of which are digital. This creates a good opportunity for small businesses to connect with potential customers and provide training. Give them what they need in the early stages of buying.

According to reports, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine

By creating relevant and interactive content that is optimized for search engines, you can improve your online presence and reach your target customers in the best possible time.

Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing method

Digital marketing has the potential to change the way you reach and engage your audience, but you do not have to believe what we say. Here are some examples to show how digital marketing tactics help businesses achieve their market goals and improve their conversion rates:

E-commerce candle sales company Nidhi was able to grow its sales by 714% using social media channels in just one quarter.

Forever Diamonds jewelry company was able to reach and interact with its jewelry fans at a rate of less than $ 1 per person and continue this process for up to a year, which significantly increased incoming traffic and customer conversion rates.

A business selling snow motorcycles that sold motorcycle equipment, with the help of the digital marketing agency LYFE, was able to increase its sales within 5 months with SEO implementation methods of $97,000!

Also, according to the digital marketing agency LYFE, a local fitness club was able to gain more than 910 new customers in a 90-day period with a Google Ads campaign that cost them only $49.


The above examples easily show you the power of digital marketing. With the right strategies and effective implementation, small businesses can achieve the desired reach and sales in a matter of short months.

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