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If you are interested in digital marketing or an activist in this field; You must have heard about email marketing. Email marketing is an effective way to introduce, sell, advertise and generally connect with customers that have been considered since the beginning of the Internet boom until today.

Despite the emergence and expansion of various social networks, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of communication between businesses audiences and customers. The importance of email marketing is such that it is no longer just a choice for the business, but they should include email marketing in their strategy.

If you design a website and your email marketing is done properly and by the principles, it will have results such as increasing sales, site traffic, and maximizing profits.

  • What is email marketing in general?
  • What tools are used in email marketing?
  • What are the standards for textual or visual content used in email marketing?
  • What are the downsides of promoting email marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

What is Email marketing

We have all noticed messages from anonymous individuals or entities while checking our inbox or inbox; In the past, when we came across such messages for fear of being hacked into our email space, we would immediately spam or delete them. You should know that this is a misconception that has caused the prosperity of people’s communication through email in Iran.

Email marketing is done by sending bulk emails from a business; The purpose of email marketing is to connect with your audience and retain customers.

This process, if based on a strong strategy, according to the needs of the audience and calculated, will lead to increased sales, customer trust, and a better-known brand.

Generally, any email sent by businesses to potential customers; They say email marketing.

Why do we need email marketing

why do we need email marketing

Many people find the use of email marketing to be futile and ineffective; But do you think this statement is true? Many of these people see social media as a powerful alternative to email marketing.

It is interesting to know that in Iran alone, 71% of people active on the Internet visit their e-mail every day. Another point is that in addition to constantly checking the messages sent to the email; It is very unlikely that they will change the address.

Another point to consider the need to use email marketing is that people active in social networks are temporarily active in a network and after a while deletes their profile, change its address or stop their activity over time. . At this point we will only have our audience temporarily on social media. In other words, having people’s emails is like having their phone number.

With all that said, do not forget that email marketing is not an alternative way to work on social media, it is just a new and very strong field to communicate and communicate with others.

SEO vs Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing and PPC:

What is the difference between email marketing and email advertising?

Email marketing vs Email advertising

In some cases, email marketing is confused with email advertising; The difference between email marketing and email advertising is in the content presented to the audience, the time, and the number of times it is repeated. In email advertising, an advertising message is sent to a large number of people one or more times, which causes you to be spammed by the user; But in email marketing, the same messages may not be sent to everyone, or the message may be the same for a group of audiences.

To better understand this issue, consider the following hypothesis:

Imagine you have an online store selling a variety of financial software, accounting, online marketing, and more; Some of your audience are buyers of financial products and some are customers of online marketing-related software.

Naturally, the content sent to these two categories of customers is different; After all, some audiences may be customers, others may not have bought from our business; All of this will make a difference in the content submitted.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

benefits of email marketing

– The email marketing process is very short before the message is sent and you do not need to spend a lot of money or energy to do it; In general, energy-saving and low time in this process are the positive features of marketing in this way.

– High flexibility of email space helps you to send your main message to your audience simply according to your taste; Email space allows you to deliver the desired content to the audience with a chain of images, video, and text.

– Content provided via email can be personalized and sent to the recipient with defined gamification.

One of the positive points of email marketing compared to other offline methods is the ability to differentiate the audience. This will give you better results and make it easier to deliver content related to your goal by sending emails to your audience.

The low cost of email marketing for large businesses is close to zero; This is the case if you have categorized data from the email of your potential and actual audience; The cost of sending email marketing will reduce the risk in this space. For example, if you want to introduce your brand in an online space, you need a high cost to design billboards, tracts, Straberdo ؛; Also, do not forget about the cost of buying a billboard stand or distributing tracts. All of these points will increase the risk, the chosen plan, and the billboard advertising content for you.

– Another advantage of using email marketing is the possibility of communicating with the audience more times and in less time; For example, with other advertising methods, you may be able to communicate with your customers and audiences once a month or once every two weeks (spending a lot of money and time), but in email marketing, this is not the case.

You will do it faster, easier, and cheaper.

Email marketing is a way to inform about important events, with this tool you can give your audience a discount code, or inform them of important events such as: holding free online classes, seasonal festivals, special campaigns, etc.

– You can create a communication way to support customers through email, this will make the audience pay attention to the email space and trust your brand in the long run.

What are the characteristics of a good email marketing strategy?

technical tips for designing an email marketing

If you are aware of the need to use email marketing and you want to start your digital business through this tool, first of all, you need a coherent, clear, and long-term strategy. To develop an email marketing strategy, first, consider the business objectives associated with the business; Studying the organization’s commitment document and digital marketing strategy (online marketing) can help design an email marketing strategy.


Set a goal

The first step in developing a unique strategy is goal setting. Clearly state your purpose for doing this activity. Are you looking for more sales, or do you want to introduce your brand? If you have several goals for sending email; It will be a bit more complicated, but setting up a coherent calendar can easily solve this problem.



The second step is to set a time frame, having a specific schedule will make this easy for you. If you are looking for positive results from the email marketing process, do not forget that email marketing is a consistent and common task. For example, you should have a product introduction email every Sunday for 5 weeks to introduce your product and its features; E-mail on Tuesdays about an important event related to your business, etc.


Identify and categorize your contacts

The third step is to customize the content to suit your personality; For example, you have an audience that has subscribed to your website and has not purchased from your website to date; Prepare a motion graphic to introduce your brand. Include in your video content that affects the audience’s trust, such as e-symbol, customer satisfaction, effective support, and so on.

Note that in preparing the content of the emails sent, pay attention to the following:

The intended purpose of sending the email to the recipient


Persona and audience

Posting time (events, occasions, season, posting time, etc.)

Remember to review and analyze

The fourth step is to review the results of the emails. When reviewing the behavior of the recipient, you can correct possible mistakes or make minor changes to the business email marketing strategy.

One thing to keep in mind when setting up a strategy is high accuracy and finesse. Note that many emails reach an audience that will never open them, and those who read your email may not like the content of the email; So designing an email space is very important.

If you are confused about designing an email to send to your persona; Consider the following tips in preparing a professional email. Surveys conducted by large businesses have shown that emails that have the following characteristics have attracted the attention of the audience and a very small percentage have been spammed.



Consider a brief title for the email; Consider this title based on the tastes and characteristics of the person and the subject of the email; The best title is a text that invites the person to do something, to create a kind of engagement for the audience. The title can be in the form of a friendly sentence such as: Hello, good day, dear Ali… etc. or it can be written as formal: zero to one hundred email marketing and…



Having a logo reflects the personality and identity of your brand. Studies have shown that people have more confidence and spend more value and time on brands that have a logo and brand identity.

Put the logo in your email; The best place for the logo is above the email.

Profiting from some people and sending fake promotional emails has made many people distrust emails received from anonymous people, the best way to build trust is to have a fixed and always available phone number in the emails. The best place to put a phone number is in the email in the lower-left corner. To increase this trust, you can also enter the address of the business location.

If you have a content marketing specialist in your business, I suggest you use these experts to write the full text of the email. Speak very clearly in the text; The clarity of your words will make the audience feel better about you. Choose the appropriate subtitle, if the text of your submitted content consists of different sections, create appropriate subtitles and space between the text.

An appropriate subheading should be short, comprehensive, and understandable.

The textual content of the e-mail should be short, it is tedious to exaggerate and write several consecutive pages, especially at the beginning and the first e-mails sent.

State the purpose and the main topic from the very beginning, do not make a Chinese introduction in vain.

Studies have shown that audiences welcome more emails that benefit them; Free educational content, discount codes, gifts, etc. have been very popular.



That you intend to use images with vector, real or other designs; In the language of your brand and your tastes Is relevant. The only thing that can be stated as a principle in email is appropriateness; Excessive crowding and overlapping photos and text can be annoying.

To write a good email, you should also pay attention to a series of technical points, which are mentioned below. And


Create a responsive button

Try designing a “Responsive” or “Responsive” email. Include an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email for your recipient to easily unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive the email; This shows your trust in the taste and opinion of the audience.


Set up the receiving server

Design your email so that all email service providers like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and. Can easily read it.


Email size for mobile

The use of cell phones to check e-mail is now more prevalent than computers and laptops; Try to include the size of the images, the type of text placement, and در in a way that is neat and legible both on the mobile and inside the computer. Design emails in a single column to make email more visible on mobile, single-column emails will be displayed better on mobile. If you want to create a button in the content of the email.

Note that some receivers use the iPhone mobile phone, for the beauty and fit of the content in this phone model, consider your buttons at least 44 pixels by 44 pixels

The best place to put the buttons is at the bottom left; If you are careful, most people will scroll (scroll down or up) with the index finger of the right hand, then the buttons in the middle of the screen will be easier to touch and activate.

Use the template to design a coherent and regular email; There are many design features in an email that you can download with a simple search.

One of the best resources you can get from that free template for your emails is the Mailify website. To do this, enter the Free Email Templates section and download one of them by viewing the samples available on the site.


Free tools in email marketing

As you can see from this article; The low cost of the article The high features and flexibility of the email for design and… has made the email last and impact on the audience and businesses. There are many tools for sending emails to your audience; But if you are looking for free email marketing software you can use one of the following:


Hemingway software

This online software allows you to easily but consistently design an email for your audience. In general, it can be said that this software is a kind of online editor that by activating its automatic mode, you can easily debug the text and get the output of the PDF file.


HTML Validator software

This utility is used more than anything for validation and helps you to find and fix technical problems. This tool will report problems with email code, tags used, duplicate IDs, invalid attributes, and more. By fixing the problems caused by the code in the email, you can fix the existing problems for receiving and reading the email in different browsers and different emails.


Social Media Share Link Generator tool

This free tool allows you to easily embed the option of sharing the content of the message to social networks in the content of the email; With this feature, the audience can share the content of the email on virtual networks.

Using this tool will better introduce your business and brand.

If you want to stay in the minds of your customers forever and turn them into loyal customers, be quality. Website ‌

This tool is a statistical analysis and control website that allows managers and business owners to easily obtain conversion rates of audiences. For example, you are looking at how much your audience clicks on the product purchase button; By entering the email and data of a group of your audience and defining X for the website, you will get the final results by the site and you will get the conversion rate, participation rate, visits and…


PutsMail tool

This tool is an email review tool, before sending a message to the audience. With this tool, you will have an overview of the email. In general, this tool will give you a new perspective on troubleshooting email content.

A scope is also a tool that works with the customer with the previous tool, with the difference that it will also allow you to preview the email in Vivo mobile mode (display on the mobile screen). tool

If you have a start-up business; Your email data is low and you do not have the expertise to accurately classify your audience and analyze post-submission reports. I suggest you use the tool. The platform is very easy to use and offers tools such as increasing subscribers, responding to emails, sending them, and analyzing campaigns.


Sendloop tool in email marketing

If your brand language is friendly do not forget the Sendloop tool. This tool is an application tool that helps you to send emails to your audience with its settings and timing. The admin panel of this tool is very simple and you have the possibility

Allows you to reduce the amount of spam as much as possible by viewing the preview of emails and increasing the conversion rate of the audience.



This tool is one of the most reputable and popular tools in the field of email marketing; With SendinBlue you can easily categorize your audience; Design a newsletter to send to your customers and see the unique details of the email marketing results. The level of satisfaction of email marketing managers in using this tool is very high.



If you have a lot of personal grouping to receive messages with different content or you are running such an email marketing campaign. We suggest using the Sendicate tool to more easily categorize your audience and advance your email marketing strategy.

Using Sendicate, you can draft and send a series of emails, categorize your contacts with different filters, and provide statistics to better advance your email marketing strategy and marketing. This tool is a smart, fast, and effective tool in the field of email marketing.



MailChimp is an advanced and free tool for managing email marketing campaigns. With this tool, you can send 14,000 emails to your audience without paying. Storing 2,000 contacts, designing, previewing emails, etc. are just a few of the features of the MailChimp tool. This tool has special options such as a subject finder, email interaction tracker, and contact list builder.


Cakemail tool

Use Cakemail if you are concerned about the progress of your email marketing campaign and need to constantly analyze and manage the campaign.

Working with Cakemail is very simple. Design a custom template with this tool, put your approved content in the template, add your contact list, and start sending messages to each audience with your schedule.

Kikomil is a campaign-based tool for statistics and analysis that helps you better understand the details of your campaign.

Malicious and negative points in email marketing

Email marketing training

There are tips in email marketing that will get negative results from this process and discourage managers from email marketing.

  • Buy ready-made data

The truth is that buying data if it is free, is useless for the growth of a business. Purchasing data and email addresses is just a waste of cost and energy and will confuse and cause errors in email campaign analysis.

  • Advertising is prohibited

Note that, as mentioned, email advertising is quite different from email marketing; Direct and uncreative advertising will only cause spam and loss of a way to communicate with the audience.

  • Slow and steady

One of the problems managers face in email marketing is rushing. Email marketing is a quiet path that you have to be patient to get special results. Constantly sending emails out of the program or disconnecting and connecting this process will not be of any benefit to the business

By following the tips above and creating a little creativity in the way of email marketing, you can easily brand and gain the trust of your customers, it is enough to be patient in this way. 

Our 7 main skills in Email marketing

Time of day and day of week
All of the targeting options
Bidding options
Audiences and lists
Match types
web design studio pro
Email Marketing Questions & Answers Power of Email marketing Email marketing vulnerabilities

Email marketing question and answers

There are fundamental questions in every field of marketing that you can not go through until you have answered them. In this regard, the point to note is that many novices, for fear of asking questions, try to hide the things that are on their minds. This is why young marketers often face a lot of problems. In this regard, I will answer 6 questions that can be helpful to many people.

1. Should I buy the list?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly no, and do not forget that in today's world, due to all kinds of fraudulent actions, people usually do not pay attention to anonymous emails. Therefore, more than 90% of the purchased list will be useless. In addition to this, another point that you should pay attention to is that in no field can success be achieved overnight. That's why it is better to look for a real and efficient audience, even for a few years.

2. How can your list grow naturally?

Undoubtedly, a negative answer to the previous question will raise a new question entitled how to succeed. In this regard, the point that you should pay attention to is that you should expand your circle of communication. In this regard, do not pay attention only to different people and choose spaces that have many people. For example, companies, training centers, etc. are among the items that will provide the ground for your communication with a large number of people. In this regard, do not forget that you are not alone in this world and you can always work with different people. You can form a group with different people and promote each other. Lastly, do not forget that you should have the advantage that people want to write their email addresses for you.

3. Is a newsletter required?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are many types of email marketing that you should consider, most of which have a variety of good actions. In this regard, one of the essential sections is newsletters. However, in this regard, it is better to act based on the needs of individuals. For example, a person may need daily news in a particular field. Therefore, before submitting, you need to do the necessary survey. Fortunately, new technologies have made this possible quite simply.

4. What should be the time intervals between sending emails?

In this regard, the characteristics of your target community will be the most important criterion. For example, if most of these people are employees, the early morning and early evening hours will undoubtedly be the best times. The type of your business will also be decisive. For example, in an area such as dentistry, fish may be a good enough message. In this regard, reviewing the actions taken by other brands will be a very good practice guide.

5. Will all messages be best emailed to people?

If you do not know enough about HTML, your messages may even be spam. It is recommended that you use a professional for this purpose. Having an IT expert in any company is essential now.

6. What is the best format for an email?

If we want to choose a general principle, the principle of brevity will be more important than other options. In this regard, the point that you should pay attention to is to always have polls to make sure you are on the right track. You also need to do good research to plan for your audience.

Power of email marketing

Today, 35 billion emails are sent daily in the world. There are 10 million websites on the web, more than billions of internet ads are growing and that number is growing.

According to the Hormone Business Agency, it is hard to remember that the Internet has not been in the business debate since 1990. Years have passed since those days, and the question is no longer whether businesses should enter the Internet or not. The question is how businesses should enter this space and achieve their goals.


Studies show that seven out of 10 small businesses have access to computers. Of the three businesses, two companies have Internet access and one in three has a website. Many believe that there are nearly one billion people with Internet access worldwide.

- Men and women are equal in the number of Internet users, but in different age groups show different patterns of use. Adolescents and people over the age of 65 use the Internet the most.

English is the official language of two-thirds of Internet pages. While the official language of more than half of Internet users is a language other than English. Global market service companies are increasingly multilingual in their website menus.

- Most users use email. Many of them also go online to buy or research products. They see the items online on the internet before making a purchase. Whether they want to shop online or shop. If your company does not have access to the web, you will lose these customers.

Many customers come to the Internet for leisure and entertainment.

- They are knowledgeable consumers who go to the doctor's office, car showroom, or anywhere with complete information, so be prepared.

- They expect websites to provide a lot of information for them and support the customer. They are looking for an easy way to connect with your business. They expect you to answer their questions quickly, both online and offline.

Reduce marketing, branding, and development costs

When it comes time to cut costs, marketing seems to be the first thing to be hit, and new product development comes in second. This is always wrong because it will hurt innovation and market share. The sudden reaction of most companies is to reduce marketing costs. By cutting marketing costs, you are leaving your position in favor of your competitors to regain the market share you have lost. During times of crisis and turmoil, the most important thing is to stay alert and focused. Beware of the three marketing mistakes that most companies make:

1. Trying to attract new customers before securing the main product: Trying to develop and expand the appeal of the main product or service to satisfy a wide range of high-risk audiences. It is possible to dissatisfy the best and most loyal customers and give them more excuses to join your competitors.

2- Reducing marketing costs: Marketing budget in a weak or turbulent economy, like water in a desert; The lower it is, the more valuable it is. Reducing marketing costs will certainly lead to attacks by competitors who have not done so, and will grab your most valuable customers. Marketing is like a muscle, not fat.

3- Neglecting the problems around us: We now live in a world where we have access to information seven days a week and 24 hours a day. When there is a break in the news, everyone can get it, and that includes your customers. In times of market downturn, especially when there is turmoil, customers and all stakeholders in your company know that business is not in good shape. It is dangerous to ignore this fact and worse, when not keeping it.

Failure to invest in product development will certainly delay the creation of future value for the company and its stakeholders. When companies neglect to save money or ignore the importance of product development, they not only limit their potential growth but also reduce innovation and give their more risk-averse competitors a chance. They excel.

Email marketing vulnerabilities

Email marketing vulnerabilities that need to be addressed

Some marketers have no explanation for this when their email marketing campaign is not welcomed by customers. This will not only make it difficult for them to influence the target audience but will also call into question their level of professionalism. As a marketer, you should always have an explanation for the failure of your marketing campaigns. Otherwise, your chances of influencing the target audience will be significantly reduced.

The main purpose of this article is to examine the three common weaknesses of email marketing campaigns. This will help you identify the reasons for your campaign failure as well as workarounds. If you have a lot of problems with email marketing, do not miss this article.

Email marketing and insufficient explanation of the main message

Every marketing campaign has a key message for its target audience. This message should be clear enough that the target audience can easily understand what it means. Otherwise, fewer people are likely to like your content.

Today, some brands are constantly using social media to better convey their marketing concepts. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs still make a big difference between email marketing and social media marketing. As a result, their chances of influencing their target audience are diminishing day by day. If you want to reach the target audience of your email marketing campaign, you need to use the potential of social media to convey your message as well as explain enough about it.

Many customers in the market are not even aware of the email marketing campaign of their favorite brands. This will mean your inability to influence the target audience. The simplest way to attract customers is to use social networks to remind the campaign and also retell the main points. This may seem difficult at first glance, but at least it will be a good opportunity for you to influence the target audience.

If you still use traditional methods of sending emails to your audience, it will no doubt be natural for users to react negatively to your campaigns. Our advice in this section is to use mass email sending tools such as MailChimp. Such tools allow you to send bulk emails in a short time. So there is no need to worry about how to interact with the target audience. The result is more time for yourself to better express the main message of your campaign.

Forget email list health

As a marketer, you should not open an account on the purchase of email lists. This may seem appealing at first glance, but the result is nothing but the loss of customer trust. Many marketers are constantly buying email listings to get their customers' attention. The first problem you will encounter with this is the possibility that the emails are fake. This way you will send your emails not to real users, but at best to a robot.

Attracting customers to marketing campaigns is not an easy task. You need to have long-term planning in this direction. In this case, you will no longer need to buy email lists and risk your brand reputation. So if you are serious about buying email lists, be sure to consider the outcome of your work before taking any action. In this case, you will most likely change your mind about buying email lists.

The next point about buying email lists is its cost. If you do not pay attention to this important point, you will never have a chance to save money and develop your brand. When you have the opportunity to attract customers over time and prepare an accurate email list, using options such as buying an email list does not make sense at all.

Many brands today face many financial constraints. That's why they have to use every solution to reduce their costs, otherwise, they will have no chance to attract their customers. Regardless of the purchase of an email list is one of the best ways to reduce costs. So you as a marketing team should always consider such an important solution.

Simple design option to unsubscribe the newsletter

Many users do not intend to receive an email from the brand after several months of subscribing to another newsletter. This will mean trying to get rid of the brand's emails. Professional marketers always put a simple and practical option to unsubscribe in their emails. This way, when users no longer want to receive emails, they will be able to select the desired option as easy as possible.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. This means not paying attention to the customers' choice in following or canceling it. Often such brands completely annoy customers. So you have to consider a different process, otherwise, your customers will soon complain about you.

Today, many brands are leaders in respecting the rights of customers. One of the most important rights of customers is the right to choose to subscribe or cancel in connection with newsletters. Your over-insistence in the meantime will only discredit your brand. That's why you should put a simple and accessible option to unsubscribe in each of your emails.

Without a doubt, losing members of a brand newsletter is very difficult. Especially in the current market where attracting the attention of even one customer is a difficult task. Our advice in this section is to implement a customer recovery strategy after unsubscribing from your newsletter. This shows the importance of customers for your brand. So you will not have any problems in terms of the level of impact on your target audience.

Email marketing has attracted the attention of a wide range of entrepreneurs and brands in recent years. That's why you have to have a special program to participate in this sector, otherwise, you will not find any chance to compete with big brands. The important point is that brands often make mistakes to organize the marketing program and influence the target audience. If you are also worried about possible mistakes in the marketing process, the best solution is to use the tips discussed in this article. This way you will no longer have any problems in influencing your target audience.

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