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Most people look for their phones as soon as they wake up and spend their time on social media. Even if you are not in this category, you still can not deny the role of these networks in your life. Now with all this dependence on social media, why not use it in marketing? In this article, we have taught social media marketing and social media marketing, and we invite you to read it on this page from Job Team.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses social networks platforms and websites to promote a brand’s products or services. Social media is abbreviated as SMM. Social media is a platform for marketers through which they can communicate with their customers and hear their comments, suggestions, and criticisms. Social media marketing includes the following activities:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Direct real and organic traffic to the website
  • Presence on social networks
  • Interact with current and potential customers by producing valuable and engaging content

Social media marketers or social media marketers prioritize the use of social networks because they know that the use of social networks in the world today has caused a great deal of controversy and a large part of the time people spend on these social networks. Is spent. Social media marketing training tries to attract audiences and marketers to attract customers for their products.

Social media marketing training uses social networking facilities as a website advertising tool to increase inbound traffic to the site and to be able to better identify its users by analyzing their reactions. According to the organic search model, as the activity of the website and social networks increases, the website rank in search engines increases and appears in the initial results.


history of social media marketing

History of Social Media Marketing 

Before social media took over people’s lives, marketers thought the trend would soon be gone. But after Facebook was designed and caught the attention of men, marketing strategies also spread on social media. In the 1970s and 1980s, social networks existed only in the form of dating sites, but from 1995 to 2002, changes such as the Internet becoming a marketing tool; Changes in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN also began and marketers gradually realized the value of content marketing. In 2003 and 2004, when Facebook, LinkedIn, and My Space were created, Internet users welcomed these social networks. Then in the following years, customers and users used other social networks so that 90% of marketing managers now work to advance their goals in social networks and prioritize social media marketing training.

Social media platforms or social networks

social media platform

There are more than 7 billion people in the world and more than 3 billion of them use social networks. In the previous years, there was no news about social networks and people were not interested in participating in it, but these days, in addition to attending and enjoying it, they are engaged in marketing and social media marketing. The following are the important social networking platforms that exist in social media marketing training:

Facebook: According to 2019 statistics, it has 2.4 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion daily active users, who are in the age group of 18 to over 45 years old. Various services such as banking, fashion and clothing, e-commerce, health, news, financial and insurance services, retail, real estate, and sports use this platform. Facebook is one of the oldest platforms used to teach social media marketing, which has a collection of different social media that is very popular among Iranian users, but due to some problems, its use for common marketing. is not.


Instagram: Instagram is a platform for publishing photos and videos and is one of the most popular platforms used, which has many fans in Iran and the world, and many Iranians open accounts for their ads on this program. The social network has more than one billion active users per month, and the age group that uses it is between 18 and 35 years old. It is used by various industries for content production and marketing, and it can also be sold directly. If you want to become a professional social media marketer, you must use Instagram and learn the basics of working with it.


Twitter: One of the social networks suggested in social media marketing training, which is also very popular among Iranian users, is Twitter. It has 126 million daily active users and 321 million monthly active users. The age group of people who use this social network is 18 to more than 45 years old. Twitter allows you to comment on anything in the form of 280 characters, which is known for its use of hashtags. Using Twitter in social media marketing, you can acquaint people and users with your thoughts and your brand and share them.

Leave and publicize business content. Various industries such as technology, entertainment, health, news, e-commerce, travel, retail, etc. use this platform.


LinkedIn: One of the proposed platforms in social media marketing training is LinkedIn, which has 675 million monthly active users. The age group that uses this platform in the social media marketing training articles is 25 to 45 years old. With this platform, you can access active professionals in your field. This platform is not suitable for direct sales of products, but it is useful for advertising and introducing other people to your brand.


YouTube: This social media has more than 2 billion users in the article, which can be said to have 1.9 billion active users. Any industry can use this social network, which is a proposed platform in social media marketing training, and display videos related to their business. If you can publish good videos about your business, you will understand what social media marketing is and what good revenue streams it can generate.


Pinterest: One of the best-mentioned platforms in social media marketing training is Pinterest, which has 367 million active users per month. This social network is not common among Iranian users, but it has high power in advertising and branding. Pinterest is great for publishing images and surely Iranian users will go to it as well.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing Training

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Training

There are a lot of people working on social media these days, so training in social media marketing is a great way for managers to learn how to promote their brand to users and customers. Among the benefits of social media marketing are the following:

  • You can learn new techniques from competitors and behave in a way that takes the approach ahead.
  • With the help of social networks, you can generate leads and increase your conversion rate.
  • With the help of data, you can analyze your progress and prepare better strategies for your other situations.

It is possible to establish a more friendly relationship with customers, which led to customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

Duties of a professional social media marketer

Depending on how big your organization is, the tasks of a professional social media marketer will vary. Job’s job description for a social media marketer is as follows:

  • Be aware of working with all social media marketing platforms and be able to follow related activities in each of them.
  • Design and execute strategies appropriate to each social network and plan each according to the company’s goals.
  • Can design and execute campaigns related to each network.
  • Use analytical tools and test, measure, and report on different strategies.
  • Create text, video, and video content on social media.
  • Create a content calendar for each social network separately.
  • Be able to edit, approve and schedule all posts on each platform.
  • Interact with and engage with brand followers and fans of each network.
  • Hear the voice of each customer with the right tools and check the network properly.
  • Be up to date with world trends and be familiar with serious tools in the field of social media, advertising, technology, and marketing.
  • Be able to connect with other brands, influencers, and companies on social media.
  • Provide development suggestions when necessary and move social media management forward properly.


How should we use social media marketing?

Why use social media marketing

In this Social Media Marketing tutorial, I will state that the practice of social media marketing is based on the general rules of social media optimization and means that it is effective in improving your company’s image in the minds of your audience. It also similarly optimizes search engines because it directs specific visitors to the website.

Basic Reasons to Use and Teach Social Media Marketing

There are many reasons to use social media as one of the marketing methods, some of which have been collected by the Job Team in Social Media Marketing training:

  • People are more aware of your brand: As you know, billions of users are active in social networks and use them. So one of the reasons for learning social media marketing is that you can introduce a large group of audiences to your brand.
  • Creating LEADs or leads: In social media marketing training, leads are people who are familiar with your brand and react to your products and services in some way. Advertising and sharing products on social media is a simple way to generate leads, increase conversions and increase sales because you are looking for people who have decided to interact more with you by following your social network account.

To increase the lead in social networks, the following can be observed:

      1. Host live chats or events related to your work.
      2. Hold different competitions on different platforms.
      3. Launch digital marketing campaigns.
      4. Put the website link in the biography.
  • Strengthen customer relationships: You may not be able to connect with your audience in the Contact Us section of the site or the comments section of the articles, but social networks are where you can establish this connection. For example, on Instagram, by creating a question box, users’ opinions about something can be received.


  • Learning from competitors: Monitor competitors’ activities and analyze their behavior, the products they advertise, their tactics on social media, the level of interaction with the audience, and their pros and cons Identify and learn from them.
  • Increase organic site traffic: Social networks direct users to your site to visit. To do this, you must put the site link in the biography section and ask people to open the link.

SEO vs Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing and PPC:

Success factors in social media marketing


social media marketing

  • Publish updated content and do not share burnt information with others.
  • Pay attention to the time you put your content on social networks because it increases the efficiency of the activity by about 30%.

To succeed in this field, you must follow the tips to expand your business with it. Consider online advertising because every type of marketing requires a specific strategy and not all of them succeed.

As we said before, you need to move from text to media and use them to be more successful. Articles have no place on social media, but videos and photos are especially important.

The difference between social media marketing and digital marketing

Social media marketing is one of the sub-branches of digital marketing.

One can claim to specialize in social media marketing but no one can claim to specialize in digital marketing. For this reason, it requires a lot of expertise and can only be superficially familiar with most of these activities. So if you want to have a successful digital marketing campaign, your work can not be solved by just one social media marketing expert and you need a team of experts from digital marketing to meet all the sharp points.


social media marketing training

Social media marketing training 

Learning social media marketing training is valuable because you can improve your business by using social media marketing strategies. If you are familiar with its principles, you can easily earn money from social media. To make money through social media marketing training tips, you need to make sure that your target group is active on that social network. Instagram indeed has many users, but your target group may not be on this social network and your ads will not have a positive effect on the business.

Strategies for strengthening strategy in social media marketing training

To have a successful presence through social media marketing training in social networks, first of all, we must choose the right channel and start our work on a platform that is suitable for our business. Once you have chosen your appropriate platform, the following strategies can be used to strengthen your social media marketing strategy:

  • Set up a good content calendar and follow the schedule you set.
  • Before entering these networks and before you start producing content, first know the market and competitors and do a proper analysis of them.
  • Use a variety of content to attract users.
  • Explain your brand story to the audience and have the right tone.
  • Also, use the content that customers produce because it helps your audience be more satisfied with their purchases.
  • Know the algorithms of each network and use the hashtags and features of each platform to create a better presence in them.

Given that there are billions of people on social media, approximately 88% of your brand exposure will increase, it makes the most sense to be on social media. This article was written by Job Team on social media marketing and social media marketing training or social media marketing training, in which we talked about solutions and strengthening social networks. If you leave the job of social media marketing to professionals, you will get the desired result.

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social media management

social media marketing


The importance of the social media management process

The potential for business growth on social media is huge, and brands can use social media to drive success and increase traffic or sales. But to do that, they need social media management teams. And the more serious they are in managing social media, the more professional people and admins they will need.

Social media management

If you are a big or small brand that is thinking of attracting traffic or new customers, it is better to use the services of Sarv social network management. Our collection can guarantee the success of businesses by relying on professional social network admins and developing the right strategy for your business.

Start social network management
If you are new to social media, it may be a bit confusing and will make the decision harder than ever. You should know that even many professional marketers are confused about social network management! So it is not surprising that research and development of information in this field is the first step to start working on social media.
In general, the most important activities that you should and should do can be summarized in 3 steps:

  • Get an audit of social media
  • Research different social networking platforms and decide which one works best for you
  • Analyze your target audience

Why should you check the above information?

Using the answers received from the above questions, you can easily obtain the information needed to start working on social networks, and this will make your entry into social media easier and with better quality...

Convenient social media management tools
There are various tools designed to help business owners manage social networks. But you should keep in mind that a professional Instagram admin, on the Instagram platform, can provide much higher returns than the various platforms that exist in this field. This is true for all other platforms. If you are planning to explore social network management tools, it's best to read the article written by the service team.

Audience personality analysis
Social network audience analysis is also one of the most important parts of virtual network management. You need to base your strategies on the personalities of your virtual network audience, and before launching your advertising campaigns, you need to carefully examine your target audience. But how do we examine the audience's persona?

  • Step 1: The analysis of contact data on different platforms is done in different ways, so it is better to find the right tool for review on the platform.
  • Step 2: Integrate your contact data. It is best to categorize the data and review all of it so that you do not get confused in a pile of data.
  • Step 3: Define your audience persona. Keep in mind that social media audiences differ in gender, location, behavior, and interests. That's why you need to produce relevant content by dividing your audience based on their characteristics.
  • Step 4: Analyze your audience appropriately. Keep in mind that the audience review is not done only once and you should always do it.

Social network management platform
There are variously internal and external platforms for managing social networks that can be used. Keep in mind that there is no comprehensive social networking platform that can perform the activities required for your page as well as a professional admin. Some social media algorithms may also shut down robots, and this can cause irreparable damage to your progress.

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