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What is PPC

What is PPC?

Seeing small and large ads on various sites has long been a common habit for users around the world, and many have learned how to get past these sometimes annoying ads like drinking water. Well, if the ad appears while surfing the Internet, if it is not like the dull ads in the middle of popular TV series, it certainly is not a little bit of it.

The above story may not be a big deal for many users and they can easily get caught up in online advertising, but irreversibly it forms one of the most terrifying experiences of any marketing life. Just as a football coach always wants his team to win all the matches, and even when a fan leaves the stadium, he is upset, so marketers, seeing the misplaced users, have designed ads that are designed with great effort and, of course, high cost. They lose confidence that they may be looking for another job right away. Well, if you know a marketer who can easily cope with the failure of his ads to nail the audience, do not let us know.

As a marketer, you’ve probably tasted customers’ local taste in your online advertising over and over again. Sometimes, like the main character in action movies, one likes to crush everything in one’s hand to reduce some of one’s anger. After all, not only is your brand credible here, but you also need to consider the budget spent on advertising design. This means that with the slightest failure in online advertising, you will have exactly the feeling of a singer who has not even bought a concert ticket; So weird and shocking!

If you think it’s perfectly normal for customers to ignore your brand’s online advertising, and only big giants like Samsung or Coca-Cola can handle online advertising design, then you’re completely wrong; Because in this article, we have a golden offer for you to get rid of customers’ inattention to your ads and the staggering costs of displaying ads on various sites once and for all. The story is getting exciting, isn’t it?

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) is exactly the formula that marketers need to get rid of heavy advertising costs and targeted web presence. You no longer have to pay for your ads on various sites in advance using the click-through advertising pattern, and then stress like the World Cup final so that you do not fail to attract customers. Instead, you will pay the desired cost just by clicking on each user on your ad and their visit to the landing page of that ad. In addition, if you follow the click-through pattern, there will not be a single user left who does not love your brand; simply!

You have probably heard the name of click-through ads many times, and perhaps even the foot of this fascinating strategy has opened the door to friendly discussions with your colleagues. If you think that you are the only person in the world who has not yet learned click advertising, we must assure you that after reading this article, you will become a professional click advertising professional. We will start our honorable adventure with scrutiny of the definition and importance of this fascinating strategy, and finally, by examining a few golden techniques for better click advertising, we will turn you into a superstar of the advertising world. With this account, let’s start our tour little by little.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising:

A simple definition of the attractive pattern of online advertising!

Just as an orchestra player must know exactly what his role is in the band to create a memorable experience for himself and others, you, as a marketer, must first know what your job is with click-through advertising. In the native language, the first step in becoming a click advertising champion is to get acquainted with it. If you’re a big fan of our tablet, you know very well that we always start our business by scrutinizing business strategies with a concise definition. That way you will be like a director who memorizes his script line by line and knows exactly how to make a work that will win all the film awards.

Click-through advertising, as the name implies, is a pattern of advertising in which brands pay for each click that users make on their site, instead of paying the full cost of advertising to their target site in the first place. In this way, sites practically enter the advertising game of brands and try to keep their traffic high at all times. Well, does a marketer have any other aspirations in the marketing world other than a site that is concerned with Google advertising and paying for advertising in several stages?

Since many advertising patterns have varied greatly in the present era and time, click-through advertising is not far behind at all. Although you can give a click pattern to the name of any ad that is profitable for the host site per click, the popular superstar of this template is on the search engine results page of online search engines (SERP) like Google. Well, after all, services like Google make a lot of money from displaying advertising content, and their unparalleled popularity in click-through advertising is not surprising.

You may be a little worried about the complexity of this strategy, as we have paired the definitions of click-through advertising with its most important example, search engine results. Your situation is like a new student who, seeing the volume of his course books, thinks of taking his bag and running away from the back of the college (I hope you do not have bad memories of your university course, otherwise we have set a bad example! ). Of course, you do not have to throw yourself into the fire to understand the intricacies of this strategy, because we are by your side from zero to one hundred adventures so that you do not learn this strategy like drinking water, we will not be careless.

If you’re a smart marketer, you’re probably not too keen on click-through advertising to invest in today. Well, in any case, your brand’s reputation is at stake here, and you should not jump into the water at all. Otherwise, like a team that has reached the final of the Champions League by defeating all rivals, but loses the championship in the final due to a small mistake, you will get nothing but defeat. This is exactly why we want to list some of the most important benefits of click-through advertising in the next section so that you can feel comfortable using it. In this way, your last doubts about this lovely strategy will disappear and you will be ready to move the gas board to success in the world of advertising.

Benefits of Click Advertising for Brands

Benefits of Click Advertising for Brands

Now that you are familiar with click-through ads, you need to ask yourself, ‘What are the real benefits of this ad template? Does click advertising benefit your brand or, like many other strategies, is it a no-brainer? In the following, we will try to find convincing answers to these questions.

Say goodbye to high advertising costs

Say goodbye to high advertising costs

The first and most important benefit of click-through advertising is the dramatic reduction in brand advertising costs. If you are one of those marketers who want to reduce the cost of their work as much as possible, click advertising is a suggestion that you can not refuse in any way. With click-through ads, just like in computer games, you take control of zero to one hundred ads, and you only pay for them if your ads work well. I think you would agree that this high control over the marketing process is more exciting than any action movie, and it can raise your adrenaline in the blink of an eye, right?

If you remember, we already talked about conversion rate and its application in business in another article. By learning click-through ads, you will pay only if your ad has a positive effect on the conversion rate, otherwise, not even a dollar will go out of your pocket; simply!

Compatibility of click-through ads with constant changes to Google's algorithm

Compatibility of click-through ads with constant changes to Google’s algorithm

If you accidentally ask marketers about their biggest fear in advertising, you will probably come up with a wide variety of answers. However, none of them is as terrible as the constant change of Google’s algorithm. Believe it or not, Google’s algorithm for displaying ads to users turns upside down at least once every few months if it does not change every day. This puts marketers in a position where they can not safely design even one ad.

Click-through ads reach your brand in the same way as Hollywood heroes. Since in this advertising pattern, you are dealing with users’ clicks instead of the Google algorithm, worrying about changing the algorithm will no longer have anything to do with you, but it is these sites and in some cases Google itself that should be considered. Show your ads to the best users possible. Well, by the way, with the definition of this advertising model, if users do not click on your ad, it is not a matter of earning money for sites and Google. So instead of worrying about the status of Google’s algorithm, you will safely pursue your ad design and relieve yourself of one of the most important nightmares in the marketing world; So simple and exciting!

The quick result of PPC advertising

The quick result of PPC advertising

Many marketers think that the world of advertising like chess is a long-term process and they have to wait a long time to achieve even the slightest success. If you think so, the third benefit of PPC advertising will come as no surprise. Honestly, click advertising is like a Formula One driver who does not have the patience to stay behind in traffic at all and only loves to bite on professional tracks. In your native language, with click-through ads, you will become a popular brand for customers in the shortest possible time, instead of just waiting for a bunch of organic marketing to respond to your advertising.

I think you also agree that users focus more on colorful ads on Google than on organic brand marketing. With this in mind, it is not at all surprising that click-through ads like the big football teams are very popular among marketers. With this account, you can get rid of the endless wait for organic marketing results once and for all with a little more cost in the field of click-through advertising. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the next section of our article and see how to make money from this fun advertising template.

Click Advertising: Tips To Become A Professional!

Click Advertising: Tips To Become A Professional!

By now you are not only familiar with the definition of click-through advertising, but also its benefits in marketing. By now, any doubts you may have about using this strategy are probably gone. You are now like an actor who has mastered all the acting methods and finally chosen a suitable method, but he still has no idea how to use his chosen method. Until you learn how to use click-through advertising professionally, there will be no news of advertising success and you will not lose much of your brand’s reputation in the market; Nothing more.

To make your job of designing and managing PPC campaigns easier than ever, we’ve put together some of the most important click-through techniques and tips in this section. If you’ve read the basics of click-through advertising before, get ready to change your mind about this strategy. Let’s get to the heart of the matter without any further discussion, so that your motivation for learning click-through ads is not diminished.

Selecting campaign goals: Unintentional advertising is prohibited
Selecting campaign goals: Unintentional advertising is prohibited

Even the simplest things in the world, which at first glance seem like drinking water, become the biggest challenge in the world without a plan. In this way, most people give so much to the work that the story resembles the story of an elephant in the dark. That’s why we started our professional guide to click-through advertising with the importance of planning. When it comes to planning, the first thing that comes to mind is work goals. So, is it possible to work with a program without a goal?

Remember, you as a marketer are not like an artist who does everything with your artwork and in the end, everyone praises the result of your work. So when it comes to setting goals for your click-through ads, always have in mind how to evaluate their success. Otherwise, no matter how good and flawless your advertising is, you will still not have a chance to become a customer champion in the market.

Many marketers think that when it comes to setting campaign goals, they are facing the giants of the final stage of computer games. If you ask us, the story is not so complicated. That’s why we’ve listed some great click-through ads here to make your job easier than ever:

Creating brand awareness:

Every brand needs its customers to know it well to sell its products. This way you will always be popular among customers like movie stars. So if some of your click-through ads are designed just to get customers to know your brand better, not only is it okay, it’s very good.

Special offers:

Do you know anyone who hates discount shopping? I do not think there is a single person in the world who has not used discount festivals. That’s why designing click-through ads to succeed in such a field would be our special offer for brands. In this way, you can draw all the customers in the market to your brand in the blink of an eye and nail them in such a way that no other brand in the market is visible to them.

Normal sales of products:

You are not always going to sell your products with general discounts and special conditions. Honestly, customers do not always buy like this. So sometimes you put your click ads in front of customers normally and only to sell more. Of course, do not forget that such ads are not going to be designed very simply and you still have to look at it as an important ad.

Increasing site traffic:

SEO strategy has become so popular that even amateur marketers know it very well. I think it is not necessary to mention that the most important point in increasing SEO is related to proper site traffic. So designing practical ads to increase site traffic will be one of the best possible options in the world; simply!

Recognizing Customer Personality

Recognizing Customer Personality:

Who are your ads designed for?

When a writer starts writing a novel, he knows exactly who his work will attract. So he safely puts all his ideas on paper. Our advice in this section is to design click-through ads just like a professional writer. Of course, you are not going to create work on the scale of 100 years alone, but just knowing the target customer and trying to attract attention will be enough.

A customer persona is a business technique that helps marketers to accurately target the audience. This article refers to the ideal personality that marketers design according to the needs of their business and all their efforts are to attract the attention of such customers. In a world where there are thousands of customers with different tastes in the market, knowing exactly who your target customer is will be the biggest advantage of your brand; Yes you heard right, the biggest advantage of your brand!

You do not have to do a very strange thing to identify your customer persona, as soon as you ask yourself who your problem solves, it will be a step forward. Let’s use a handy example. Consider the Nike brand; The products of this beloved brand are mostly used by athletes, from Olympic champions to amateur athletes. So it is natural that the customer persona of this brand is tied to sports concepts and athletes. It was a lot simpler than you might think, was it?

Choosing the type of campaign

Choosing the type of campaign:

The most important part of click advertising

Consider a professional boxer who is very good at his job and can knock out even rivals the size of Mike Tyson with one blow. If the boxer in our story is to make a good living, he must know exactly what competitions he is competing in. Otherwise, Alki may waste his energy and return home without a reward.

If we want to use the above example in the field of click advertising, we must say that in addition to the design of the customer’s personality, you must also specify the type of your campaign. Well, you wouldn’t expect a strategy to have just one pattern in the size of a click-through ad, would you?

You are probably a little confused by our explanation in this section. So let’s take a look at some of the most important click-through patterns without wasting a second to continue on your path to success as well. Please pay attention to these examples of click-through ads:

  • Search Engine Ads: The most common pattern in click-through ads involves displaying the site address in the top rankings of Google results. This not only personalizes your target audience but also allows them to interact with customers exactly when they are looking for a solution to their problem. This way, your brand will look like Marvel superheroes and will attract the attention of every customer.
  •  Display ads: Most people experience the Internet space with small and large boxes of display ads on various sites. Honestly, sometimes such ads are more annoying than ever. With this account, you should be alert to consider the customers in designing them. Otherwise, not only will not a single click be placed on your ad, but you will have to respond to customer complaints about your brand for a long time; So weird and unbelievable!
  • Advertising on social networks: These days, everyone with a phone in their hand is flipping through social networks. Until a few years ago, joining Instagram or Facebook may have been an arbitrary choice, but now it has become the most vital part of people’s lives. With this in mind, investing in click-through ads on social media is not at all surprising and can make your brand famous among a lot of customers much easier than you think.
  • Re-marketing: The loss of customers for brands is as sad and difficult as the novel. That’s why investing in customer feedback is a logical step for businesses. Believe it or not, in the meantime, no option helps brands retrieve customers as much as click advertising. The point is, by personalizing your click-through ads to older customers, you will be able to resell the product or even increase your site traffic. Well, is there marketing that misses such a golden opportunity?
  • Google Shopping Ads: Google is no longer that simple old search engine, but has an answer ready for almost every need of its users. Using Google Shopping ads, you can easily place your product specifications in the form of a click ad to customers. This way, if a customer likes your product, they will be taken to your online store with just a simple click. I do not know you, but I can not refuse the offer at all in such a simple situation.

Now that you have mastered the various patterns in click-through advertising, let’s finish a golden rule; One of those tips that make the difference between Olympic champions and their failed competitors. Remember to always use at least the two patterns above at the same time. Otherwise, it may take 100 years for users to notice your brand presence in the market and then your ads will only come to fruition!

Find the exact keywords

Find the exact keywords:

Familiarity with the world of keywords

Just as a sport like volleyball has its terms, there are a variety of specialized terms and expressions in different fields of work. I do not think it is necessary to say that targeted advertising is without choosing the right keywords, such as finding the needle in a haystack; So boring and of course ineffective!

If you think finding the right keywords is as big as defeating the world’s greatest wrestlers, we have to say that you are going very fast. Our golden formula for finding keywords is simply the use of the Google Keywords professional tool (Google Keywords). With this tool, you can flip through the most popular and popular keywords in your field of work in the blink of an eye, and select the best ones for your click ads. That way, not a single customer will pass by your ad without attracting your brand.

You may be thinking to yourself that with a tool like Google Keywords, all your other advertising problems will be solved and you will have to wait for long queues of customers behind your brand stores at any moment. We do not like to be in the middle of your long-distance dreams at all, but honestly, such a thing happens more in stories than in the real world of business. So instead of pleasing your heart, let us teach you an extra technique so that your hair does not fall out of the seam.

The golden technique we want to talk to you about is the use of long keywords in advertising. For example, if you want to sell your brand new shoes, in addition to keywords such as sneakers or medical shoes, use the phrase “shoes suitable for eight-year-olds.” Such a long keyword will help you to reach customers who want to get a pair of shoes for their children as soon as possible without any extra hassle. So instead of limiting yourself to short, clichéd keywords, always think about how customers will search the internet to find the shoes they need. This technique makes you stand ahead and neck away from your competitors and have the first and last word in the market.

Endless trial and error

Endless trial and error:

Not everything can be found in books!

If you are one of those people who do not get along well with all kinds of advice, you probably will not like our advice of endless trial and error in the field of click advertising. However, you have no choice but to follow this seemingly stereotypical advice. Your situation is exactly like that of a director who expects you to learn all the ways and wells of making a great film in the right classes, unaware that some points are not achieved in the classroom but the realm of filmmaking!

You might think that endless trial and error is more of a marketing ploy than a real click-through strategy. In this case, we must introduce you to the A / B testing technique. This technique works when you have two or more similar ideas and do not know which one to choose. This is sometimes the best way to implement all the ideas at the same time and choose the final option according to customer feedback. In this way, you are at least comfortable with the fact that you have chosen the best possible click advertising according to the tastes of your customers; Just as easily.

Concluding remarks
Concluding remarks

Our joint adventure in the field of click advertising has reached the end of the line and you are now a professional click advertising expert. It’s your turn, now is the time for you to evaluate this strategy; Do you think click advertising is good for your business?

My colleagues and I hope that with the explanations we gave about click-through ads, your answer to the above question will be positive. Do not forget if you have any questions or additional points about this article, be sure to share them with us here.

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