Google Ads or SEO which one is better?

Google Ads or SEO? A comprehensive review!

Google Ads or SEO? A comprehensive review!

As far as I can remember, there have always been different discussions and opinions about the impact of advertising on Google on SEO and vice versa. Many customers call us to get Google advertising services and their conversation with phrases such as “I heard that advertising on Google affects SEO” or “A friend told me that you can pay Google to increase the site ranking. Or “We want to use Google Ads to improve our site SEO” will begin.
Well, let’s be clear from the outset that these beliefs are 100% wrong and that Google ads have no effect on the SEO status of the site. Also, site SEO will not affect your Google ads. In this article, we want to thoroughly examine everything about the interaction between SEO and Google ads and help you make the best choice of these 3 options: Google ads? SEO? Or both ?!

How are Google Ads and SEO results displayed?

How are Google Ads and SEO results displayed?
Let’s assume you’re looking for a reasonably priced tour of Istanbul. So open Google and search for “cheap Istanbul tour”. After this, you will see the following page:

How are Google Ads and SEO results displayed?

As you can see in the image, at the top and bottom of the search page, one or more sites are marked with an Ad. These are the same Google ads. This means that these sites have paid Google to show their site on the first page in exchange for the word “cheap Istanbul tour”. These results are called “Paid Search” results.
In each search, a maximum of 4 ads are displayed at the top of the page and 4 ads at the bottom of the page.
Other sites that are between these ads, using content production and SEO have improved their position and are in fact natural results (Organic Search). Typically, 10 natural results are displayed on each search page.
With that being said, Google is mostly willing to show 40% of its ad content to its users and no more. This means that eventually, along with 10 natural results, it will show 8 ads.

Google Ads vs. SEO (Who’s the winner?)

Google Ads vs. SEO (Who's the winner?)
You probably know there are two different ways to rank among the first pages of Google:
One way to optimize your website is for search engines or SEO. To do this, you need to increase the quality of your site, produce useful content, promote yourself on the Internet, and most importantly, be patient. How long? As long as Google recognizes you as a good site and is willing to rank you high.
In fact, SEO is a time-consuming and costly task, but instead, it has lasting results.

Now let’s say you launched your site today.

  • What is the task?
  • Do you have to wait months and generate content for your site to get more views and more traffic?

As you may have noticed by now, the answer is no.
The good news is that with ads on Google Search, you can display your site on the first page of Google and even higher than all other sites as quickly as possible. The result is obvious: instant sales increase!
But (there is always a but!) You should not forget that for every click on your ad, you have to pay Google. This is while in SEO you do not pay Google. Instead, you pay for your site to naturally rank high on Google.

So in the end it should be said that although SEO will have a good return in the long run, in your short-term strategy you should consider a place for Google Ads. A very fast, easy, and efficient way to be on Google today and earn money.
Now let’s answer the main questions of this article:

Question: After all, which of these two fighters (SEO and Google advertising) is the winner? Should you advertise on Google or focus on your site SEO?
A: It all depends on your needs and budget. Undoubtedly, the best and most effective way to market is to focus on Google ads and your SEO at the same time so that you can get good results both now and in the future and be sure that over time your marketing costs. Be reduced.
But if you do not have the budget to focus on both options, you need to set goals and when you need to and make your decision accordingly.

Question: Are you planning to sell your season or is your job market changing at different times?
A: So Google Ads is probably right for you because you can send traffic to your website quickly and without delay, and stop and reactivate your ad whenever you want. Take a clothing store, for example. In the months leading up to Eid, the store is sure to have a better chance of selling, so Google Ads can be a great way to attract customers. The good news for you is that your ads will appear even higher than normal search results.

Question: Do you want to have a successful and reputable website that is seen as a valuable source of information in your field of work and that people always come to it to find answers to their questions?
Answer: It is a very good decision. But without a principled SEO, this would not be possible. Because users trust natural search results more than advertising results, being present in natural results increases the credibility of your site.

Question: Are you going to focus only on one specific keyword that is very profitable for you?
A: So it’s better to go to Google Ads and start your ads for this keyword. Or maybe you want to be seen in all the keywords and searches related to your work and every new article of yours is quickly displayed on the first pages of the search? So SEO is a better choice, because it gives your site credibility with Google.
Finally, I want to share with you some interesting statistics on advertising and natural search results. About 30 to 20 percent of users click on search results when searching, and the majority trust only the actual results more (this includes me, who is an Internet expert.

Does Google advertising have an effect on SEO? How about the opposite ?!

Does Google advertising have an effect on SEO?
So, the question that arises now is

  • What is the task of advertising in Google?
  • Which of the following is a ranking factor in Google ads?
  • Are the advertising links displayed on Google’s website (which is certainly the most reputable site) known as backlinks to the target site?
  • Is the effect of advertising on Google on SEO direct?

If we want to answer these questions in one word, our answer is a firm and decisive good! Google Ads links will not be considered as backlinks for the website and Google bots will not consider advertising links (either in Google or in other advertising websites) as backlinks for a website.
The ad links displayed on Google are No-follow links and, in addition, because they are in ad frames, they will generally be hidden from Google crawlers. So, if you’ve ever thought that by displaying ads on Google you can improve your site ranking in search results, I have to tell you that you were completely wrong.

Another point is that we do not say stop advertising at all after gaining a natural rank. Rather, we suggest that you always keep up with Google ads.
We also use Google ads for our corporate sites – although many keywords are naturally at the top of the Google homepage – and we have experienced positive returns.
Do not forget that being seen twice is much better than being seen once and will definitely increase your chances of increasing your traffic and customer. Therefore, Google Ads is not only suitable for people who have just started their business, but also for sites that have even high rankings in SEO.

Indirect effects of Google Ads on SEO

Indirect effects of Google AdWords on SEO

1- Login of new users
As we said, because Google does not send a signal to Google Spiders, using Google Ads does not have a direct effect on SEO. However, it can be said that this Google service can indirectly affect your SEO. In this way, you can attract a large audience after you have created your Ads campaign and been on the first page of Google for a while.

Once your website advertising campaign is complete, a large number of your contacts will come to you through the Google search engine and by searching for your website name. User login can increase site traffic and indirectly affect SEO.

2- Improving and developing the brand
As you know, branding is one of the most important factors that business owners should pay attention to. One of the most important effects that Google Ads will have on your website. With ads in Google, you can introduce your personal brand to others more and more and try to attract new audiences.

In general, the sites that are in the first link of Google search results have an average of 32% more chances to click. This is strong proof that by using ads in Google, you can increase the chances of being clicked and improve and develop your brand.

Being seen by the brand helps you to be known by your unique name. And users use your brand in their searches. Searching for a brand, especially by different users, is a positive signal that can improve your site ranking.

3- Checking the destination addresses
Google Ads Destination URL report can show you which pages have the best results in terms of converting potential visitors to customers. With this information, you can access useful information and use it to improve the SEO status of your other pages. This information includes:

Which pages have the most and best performance in terms of sales?
Which pages increase your site traffic?
Which products or terms have the most search terms?
4- Check the click-through rate on ads
Another feature that this Google service brings to you is checking the click-through rate of ads. This way, with the help of Google Ads, you can track the click-through rate of certain ads to find out which headlines and product descriptions work best.

After doing these reviews, you can use the analysis results and the keywords you get to generate new content. You can also put these phrases in your product title tag.

5- Check the clickthrough rate on keywords

Similarly, when you check the click-through rate of certain keywords in your Google Ads account, you will find out which keywords and phrases perform best in terms of search and ad text. With this information, you can optimize the title tags and meta descriptions of the keywords of the specific pages for which you want to rank.

Who is Google Ads for?

Who is Google Ads for?
Let’s end this section with the question of what businesses benefit from Google ads and give it a simple answer: All businesses!
But we recommend most of these advertising methods to businesses that have a product or service to sell. Because they can advertise what they have to offer in a targeted and effective way and reach their goal of increasing sales in the fastest possible time (usually 1 day).
But that does not mean that businesses looking to brand and attract input can not use Google Ads to achieve their goals. Although a demo network is more suitable for these purposes, with Google search ads (and proper management) it can also significantly increase revenue and increase public awareness of a brand at a really low cost.

As we have said, Google ads do not directly affect the natural search results and the presentation of ads in Google alone can not affect the SEO status of your site. However, there are many who believe that Google ads can indirectly affect the SEO status of a website through branding.
Of course, these beliefs are theoretically correct and there is no objection to them, however, since there is no tool to accurately measure the indirect impact of Google ads on SEO, it can not be counted 100%. Also, if these beliefs are completely true, the impact of Google ads on SEO is still not enough to dramatically increase your website ranking in search results.

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