How to find a good and professional website design company?

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How to find a good and professional website design company?

When it comes to website design, especially now that the market is so crowded, all the companies that do site design work for you. This goes so far that for some companies it does not matter at all what goal you are pursuing by launching the site, it is important that at any cost, they and only they, do it for you. Some companies will launch a site for you with a ready-made plugin and will leave you to God. Why really?

From all these web design companies that are added to them every day, which one should be chosen to design a professional site according to our goal? What is the design of a professional website? Thousands of pages of the professional website in the web world are being eroded while it was supposed to be the largest and most professional online business site one day. Why then? Usually, when you decide to outsource your work to companies specializing in this field, that company should have a series of packages or a specific consultation, or a unique method that will attract your attention. Simply put, a professional web design company should have the following characteristics

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Why should I find a web design company?

You need a platform like a site to publish content and promote your business, educational institution, or creative ideas. For this purpose, using specialized companies of web design and content production services can be a good option to reach your goals. In this section, we will discuss the reasons for using the services of site design companies.

lack of time

Time is gold and it can not be achieved at any price. Website design is a very time-consuming task and requires long-term studies. Therefore, it is better to define your business goals and leave everything you need from a competitive market to a web design company. Let people who have specialized and experienced in this field for many years, do it easily for you at the most reasonable cost. This will make you more focused on your business.

Lack of experience

Website design is a very sensitive interaction and communication and can not be risked. For example, to implement an online store, you must be psychologically aware of the experience and feelings of the audience and guess the interests and tastes of the audience. Therefore, having experience in content design is one of the vital factors. Using the services of an experienced and reputable web design company can help increase site traffic, increase the number of active users, and profitability of your business. In other words, you can use the years of experience of these experts in launching the site and the project.

Advance of competitors

Raising your head in competitive markets and ranking high is not an easy task. In online businesses and the digital space, there are many brands along with their consumers. To be registered in the memory of users and not to be forgotten, you should get help from the experience of a web designer and web expert.

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Characteristics of a professional web design company 

Find an expert

Yes! No matter how much experience you have in your business use it to improve your business. The company you choose is no exception to this rule. You can know experienced companies from their resumes and work experience in various fields of site design, such as store site design. How professional were the sites that worked or are thriving? For example, Web24 has a say in designing various types of professional sites such as corporate site design, online store design, or tourism site design among its competitors, and has been able to provide the appropriate experience to the customer according to the goal.

A professional web designer is not just a web designer

In addition to web development and design, a professional web design company should be proficient in website optimization, programming, internet marketing, network security, and more. So you should expect more from a web designer. The company is suitable to be able to go with the algorithms of Google day, and deliver the content of your site to the audience in this volume of information bombardment, correctly and safely. The Web 24 team has been able to open a good place in the hearts of its customers in this regard.

Professional or dead animated site?

You must have seen sites that, once you enter, at first glance, you close it forever because it has no appeal to you, or on the contrary, it is so full of color and animated banners and advertising posters that it looks like you are sitting in the middle of a kindergarten for 6000 people. !

A professional web design company determines the style, color, and layout of the site elements and its format based on the field of activity of you and your competitors. You can see and evaluate this point in the portfolio of the company in question. Having attractive graphics and a good user experience is what makes a site last when someone first visits your site or closes your site page forever.

Support and create a sense of customer confidence

If you want to know if the web design company you are referring to is reputable and useful, you should pay attention to how they work. Reputable companies inform their customers of all work procedures. Recognizing the mental pattern of customers is one of the things that these companies consider to be able to promote a site that matches the mental characteristics of their customers. As a result, these companies need to meet with you regularly and keep you up to date. If the company does not pay attention to this issue, it certainly can not satisfy you!

So a professional web design company should be with you until the last step. It should reassure you that wherever there is a problem in the workplace, it will be resolved in the best way possible.

The execution process does not require a security code for the customer!

Every customer has the right to know how to implement the various stages from the design and services of SEO to its analysis. Some companies say that this information is one of the secrets of the company and can not be provided to the customer. The question is who is more confident than you who trusted that company for your work and have the right to know the implementation process of your project

Cost of professional site design

The site design price of each company is determined according to the services they provide to you. However, the price is too high or too low compared to the company’s services, it is worth thinking about. Of course, if you want to have a professional site, you have to put it in your pocket and pay for it. But just as a very small amount indicates a lack of service or half support, too high a price will not guarantee the quality of the company’s work.

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7 tips for choosing a the best web design company

  • To have a good website, you must first find a good specialized website design company, but how ?!
  • How can we choose the best among all these big and small companies?

Website design varies from $ 500 to $ 100,000 from company to company. Each of these companies introduces itself as the best and they all claim to provide the best website. In the meantime, we have to check which one is better.

To get the right answer to this question, here are the important parameters according to which you can find the best.

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1- The website of that company should be good and popular.

Someone who claims to design the best websites should have their website

A website created by a website design company can be a good example of how the company designs, the extent of its capabilities, and its proficiency in technology.

  • Has that website caught your eye with an overview?
  • Is this website responsive?
  • Does it meet your standards in terms of design and ease of use?

If the design of that website does not in itself reflect your taste, there is no problem; A good website design company designs based on your personal opinion and your industry, not their own. The point to keep in mind is that the site should be up to date, visually appealing to you, highly efficient, and provide you with a good user experience. If you want the web design company to be responsible for adding new content and producing content for you, you can check out the company’s articles in terms of composition and professionalism.

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2- It is very important to see the portfolio of the company you have chosen.

Do you see a famous company or brand among its portfolios?

You may be interested to know that in today’s modern world you no longer need to show yourself and what you have done can show you well. For this reason, gaining experience and participating in various work projects is an issue that all name seekers should pay attention to. This is much more important in practical work.

If you want to choose a reputable website design company, you must first see the portfolio of that company. If a website design company is successful in this field, it should have several portfolios and you can use that portfolio to evaluate the quality of that company’s work. This is an issue that all 21st-century smart customers are expected to pay attention to.

Many web design companies have a portfolio section on their website where you can view their previous projects.

  • Does their website design look professional and easy to use?
  • Is their client comparable to you in terms of size and difficulty?
  • Are designed websites visually similar?

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3- Seeing the portfolio is not the only important thing,

You may see a site that you do not think is a good website, but from the site, the administrator point is what the site designer asked for and has a good website.

Because what we see in the sample is only a percentage of the taste of web designers and is mostly according to the style and taste of the customer, some customers leave the design of the site to the taste of the designers, but their number is small.

Therefore, the ability to talk to customers of web design companies is effective in choosing a good company.

Website design company or freelance web designer

4- The work experience of the site design company is not insignificant,

It must be at least several years old.

5- Compare the ratio of the service provider to cost with other site design companies.

6- A good website design company should know the principles of internet marketing and the principles of SEO and site optimization.

Check the SEOs of previous customers and see if they have been successful in internet marketing.

7- The last point is the price of the site.

The cost of website design can not be accurately estimated without knowing what features you want for your website, but you must be careful that the costs are commensurate with the services provided.

Too little or too much money is worth considering. If you want to have a good website, to be successful among your competitors, you must take the time to choose your website designer and also pay a reasonable price for your work.

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5 main factors for choosing a web design company

There are many web design companies. For many business owners or people who want to have a personal site, face-to-face meetings and consultations are very important to give their initial idea, feasibility needs, selection and review of graphic designs, etc. If you are looking for a specific company to design your website, pay attention to the following features before concluding a contract:

1- Principle number one; Work experience

Never leave the future of your online business in the hands of an inexperienced company. Experience can not be exchanged for anything else. A company that has enough experience in website design is well acquainted with the ways to achieve a successful web design. Knows how to fix any mistakes or errors. Know the basics of your business website design. Therefore, if you refer to them as a customer with little information about online business, they can give you valuable and comprehensive advice.

2- Principle number two; Variety in services

To choose a web design company, look for options that offer a wide range of services. The main advantage of these companies is sufficient knowledge and information in implementation as well as the quality of their services.

For example, if a web design company specializes in using open source tools and developing them, it will most likely have a strong and professional content management system. A powerful content management system has a simpler user interface, and even with a little information, you can easily work with it to publish your site content. Of course, do not forget that to see the quality of design, you should always check the previous designs of the company in the field of website, SEO, and optimization.

3- Principle number three; SEO knowledge

Many web design companies do not offer SEO and optimization services. For this reason, look for a company that can do optimization work for you along with site design services. Designing a website without SEO is like a shop with a beautiful showcase full of products, which is located in a dead-end street, and practically no one has seen or known it.

Optimization and SEO services introduce your site to search engines and index it in the results. In this way, your site will be displayed in the search results of contacts and others will be informed about its existence. That’s why SEO is known as one of the techniques to increase traffic and find new contacts.

4- Principle number four; Features and capabilities in web design

Consider a shop window; What are the factors that attract the audience? If the brightness of the showcase has an annoying reflection or the products inside it are selected from beautiful colors, will the audience stop to see it?

There are also features for website design. For example, if the loading speed of your site pages is slow, the contacts will leave the site very soon and will stop viewing it. One of the features that a web design company should be able to master is: He mentioned the validation of site codes, the choice of graphic backgrounds, colors, appropriate design style, and so on.

5- Principle number five; Customer Orientation

Today, access to the Internet has made it easy for you to get the information you need, which is why 21st-century customers are known as smart customers. For those who want to go to a web design company to launch their business and non-business websites, it is better to go to the comments section of different websites and see the opinion of those who have entrusted their web design to their desired company have. This is one of the safest ways to help you make smart choices!

It is also recommended that you consult with other people who have experience in this field to use the services of the web design company (which you are considering). You may be interested to know that statistical studies show that those who use the opinions of others before doing their work are ultimately more satisfied with the product or service they receive.

Before choosing a design and SEO company, pay attention to its relationship with previous customers. Even if you can talk to a few former clients, you will get good information. All reputable and large companies have a very good relationship with their customers. Responsibility and commitment to providing quality services and services to customers, warranty and guarantee of services, providing various methods to receive 24-hour support are some of the signs of a good company.

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Important points for choosing a website design company

Now that we understand the importance of the expertise of a web design company and the use of its services, we must examine the characteristics of a reputable and experienced web design company. In this section, we point out some points.

Check the portfolio

The first step in choosing a reputable and professional company is to review and evaluate the portfolio provided. Just like when you want to buy from a store, first of all, you look at the showcase, if it is not to your liking, you will not enter at all! So pay attention to the portfolio, quality, and results of the designed sites so that you can choose the best option. One thing you need to pay attention to is designing the site according to your industry. In other words, the fact that the company has not designed a site similar to your industry and business does not necessarily mean its inability, and it is better to consult with experts and specialists in this field.

He is not and it is better to consult with experts and specialists in this field.

View customer feedback

When you want to use online services or online stores, pay attention to the opinions of previous consumers before placing an order. The same goes for using site design services. By controlling and evaluating the opinions of customers who have used their services, you can get to know the company or website designer better and check the quality of their work. There are always negative points along with positive ones, but reputable companies have more satisfaction.

Check prices

Check your budget and salary before choosing a site designer. The cost of site design projects varies according to size and complexity. Be sure to ask a few experts to estimate the price. Because of the breadth of implementing a site according to the business, the choice of framework and programming language is effective in determining the price.

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6 Questions to Ask a Web Design Company

1- Have you designed other websites related to our work?

Working with a web design company that already has experience building a website in your field can be an advantage, and you can also view these websites and get a preview of your project in mind. On the other hand, if that website design company does not have experience in your field, it can also go through a successful process; Because all their research is new and new and will not be influenced by previous and old designs, and as a result, a unique website will be created for you. If the company does not have experience in your field, make sure they have successful projects in other fields; It is better not to work with companies that have limited expertise and can not operate in your field.

2- How do you use the UX factor in your site design?

A powerful website design company is aware that user experience is the beating heart of any successful website and should assure you that they have the expertise to design a user-friendly website. Ask them questions about how the site is designed and what methods and tactics they use to centralize the user experience in their design.

3- What type of content management system or CMS do you use?

Most web design companies specialize in one or two content management systems. Most sites are built on open-source platforms such as WordPress, but some web development companies have their own specialized CMS platforms. Every content management system has its strengths and weaknesses, and a good website design company will fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each to you to make a better decision about your business.

4- What are the stages of this project?

An experienced web design company can tell you the steps very quickly and comprehensively and explain exactly what you should expect at each step. If you are not able to provide the exact details of the website you are considering, that website design company can not accurately and definitively specify a time and amount of cost for you and will only offer you a period and cost.

5- What should we do if we want to change or add content after we have finished designing the website?

A full-service website design company should provide a training course for you and your team that will teach you all the tips on how to build a website and make changes and updates. Make a list of topics that you need to constantly update (such as events, forms, page content, etc.) and ask the company which of these can be changed in the site content management system. To make any programming or design changes, the company must tell you how long and how much work they need to make.

6- Do you do digital marketing regularly?

Website design involves a lot of effort, but the same amount of effort must be done in areas such as site optimization, site promotion, performance measurement, and site development. If you do not have a digital marketing team that can optimize the site as soon as it is designed and built, look for a company that also has digital marketing expertise to make sure the website is designed to deliver the desired results. Yours, it will arrive.

Concluding remarks


So far, we have tried to acquaint you with the features of a reputable website design company. Reputable companies have many examples of work and constantly put customers in the process of designing the site so that the design of the site proceeds according to their mental pattern and the output of the sample is not abstract and unbelievable. If you are looking for a reputable website, you can contact us. Our company has a long and effective experience in this field and contributes to the success of your business.

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