What are the different types of Google Ads?

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Have you ever noticed the similarities between the glamorous arena of advertising and Formula One racing? This question may be a surprise at the very beginning of an article, but if we look at the story with the special obsession of detectives, little by little, a lot of similarities are found between the two areas.

Consider a legendary driver like Michael Schumacher; Undoubtedly, all the people of the world and lovers of speed know this professional driver with the prestigious awards and honors that he has won. However, not a single person can be found recalling Schumacher’s hard work and possible failures in his career. This means that no matter how much you are a professional driver on the training tracks, you will not want to become a popular champion of the fans of this sport at all until you can beat the competitors in real races in such a way that not even one person can reach you. And you may not even find a sponsor for yourself.

Believe it or not, the above story about advertising also applies. If we want to use the same example of our Formula One, we must say that you as an entrepreneur or marketer, until you can not get the intelligence and attention of customers with your ads, not even one person will find you in the market and win in Formula One. And the work of your hat will be so exciting. After all, the world of advertising is not joking with anyone, and even a moment of negligence is enough for other brands to leave you behind as if you were not in the market from the beginning!

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What is Google Ads?

Just as legends like Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher are faced with a wide variety of color choices to choose the best car in the world, in the world of advertising you have a fascinating solution at your fingertips to excite customers. You may think to yourself that with this account, advertising success is no longer a long-term dream, and almost anyone can build a brand the size of Nike or Microsoft overnight; simply.

We do not like to jump in the middle of your dreams at all, but to be honest, such perceptions do not match the reality of the market. I agree that the variety of advertising tools and methods is very good news, but the same situation can get you into trouble like Alice in Wonderland. After all, choosing from thousands of different ideas and methods for advertising is not an easy task at all and can completely disappoint any marketing in the blink of an eye. It was harder than you thought, was it?

We believe that success in the world of advertising is not an easy task, but if you have the right tool at your side, then you no longer need to throw yourself into the fire to attract customers. Well, in a world where digital technologies are besieging more and more people, advertising in the traditional way is just like trying to go to war with a seven-headed dragon empty-handed. If you hear from us, the best choice is to use a flawless tool, instead of wasting your precious time exploring the ocean of advertising ideas. This way you will save time and become an invincible advertising champion at a lower cost.

When it comes to advertising tools, the whole name comes to mind. It seems that everyone in the field of advertising has come up with a tool and then disappeared altogether. For this reason, instead of leaving you alone in the maze of finding the best advertising tools, we have gone straight to the point and touched on one of the biggest winners in the world. The platform we are going to explore in this article is Google Ads. I think Google’s reputation as the world’s largest brand is enough to ensure the quality of this platform. Of course, we do not like to invite you to use this tool unintentionally, but as always, until we assure you that Google Ads is the missing piece of your brand puzzle, we will not be relieved. So if you are curious about our description to immerse yourself in the world of Google advertising platform, then join us to get acquainted with its advertising models in addition to examining the benefits of this platform.

Google Ads Campaigns


Introduction to the world of Google

Now that we have all this introduction about Google Ads, it is not bad to define this tool and see what we are facing at all. After all, as a professional marketer, you should never jump into the water, should you?

If we want to get rid of clichés and clichés, we must say that Google Ads is Google’s official online platform for paid advertising. This tool, formerly known as Google Adwords, has been available to brands since 2018 with major changes to make their advertising work look like drinking water; simply!

Some entrepreneurs may think that a tool the size of Google Ads works magically, but to be honest, this is not news at all. All that Google’s popular platform does is create advertising spaces for brands among users’ Google search results, as well as the sites of the online giant’s contract parties. I think that explanation is enough to understand what a wide range of target audience you are going to deal with, right?

If you are an internet user and your work is tied to this space from morning till night, chances are Time and time again, when you search on Google, you come across results that have the ad tag (our Ad) next to them. This is one of the simplest Google Ads services for brands, which puts your content in front of millions of potential customers and can transform your advertising situation in the blink of an eye.

Now that you know what Google Ads is, it’s time to move on to its benefits. Assuming that Google Ads is one of the best advertising platforms in the world, does this tool benefit your business? In the next section, we will try to match appropriate answers to these questions. This will eliminate your last doubts and you can safely start your work in this professional Google tool.

PPC benefits

The benefits of Google Ads for brand advertising

Just as professional directors do not even touch black and white before making sure of the quality of the script and the elements of the work, you must get rid of any doubts to put all your eggs in the Google Ads basket. Get rid of it. Otherwise, you will be left alone in the middle of the road with a lot of stress and worry about your wrong choice. Well, if you know someone who is not bothered by such doubts, do not let us know.

If you are one of the target audience of Today’s Opportunity Tablet, you know very well that we always look at the benefits of a strategy or tool before doing anything so that there is no room for words or sayings. You may have thought to yourself that Google tools with all this fame and popularity should be exempt from this story, but we do not spare any tools and brands here. After all, this is about the credibility and future of your brand advertising, and the story is not a joke at all. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter, the benefits of the Google Ads advertising platform.

Google Ads Management

Access to the unique domain of the target audience

If we were to ask you during the day when you face a problem or question, what is your first action, what would you answer? You might say that you are referring to a car bad person first and that you may be working on yourself. Of course, if we find all the different answers, we will finally reach Google. Yes, you heard right, Google!

I do not know you, but if I have any questions or problems these days, I will go to Google without a moment’s hesitation and I am always sure that I will get good answers. This story has become so common that even a dictionary the size of Mary Webster has found a place for Google and it is equivalent to searching the Internet. Make no mistake, we do not want to give a class on Google search, but we want to show the extent of Google’s influence in the daily lives of people around the world.

When Google has so many active and loyal users, working with its advertising platform will certainly not be a bad idea. It’s exactly like you shake hands with Real Madrid or Bayern Munich instead of in the Champions League with a team like Leicester City. I think you also agree that such teams have a definite chance of winning the championship and, most importantly, they have a lot of fans, right?

Undoubtedly, the first advantage of Google’s advertising platform is the most important thing. Even if you are the toughest marketer in the world, you still can not easily pass by a platform with nearly 5 billion active users. So what are you procrastinating about? Make room for Google Ads in your ads right now, or your golden opportunity will soon be lost!

benefits of SEO

Get better results compared to SEO

The use of SEO techniques is so fascinating that almost every entrepreneur has heard of it at least once and you may be one of the regular fans of this method of content optimization. At Opportunity Today, we believe that SEO management is one of the key techniques for the success of your advertising team, tough competition with other brands, but using the Google Ads platform can turn the page in your favor once and for all.

Let’s use a handy example to better understand the problem. Suppose you set up a news site and you happen to hire a reporter to become the number one choice for people to stay up to date. I agree that in such a situation, you expect rapid success among the people, but you should not even think of competing with the world’s major news agencies such as The Guardian or The New Yorker. After all, these news agencies have been with the people for years and have found a name and an official for themselves. With this account, in addition to investing in working with the best reporters in the world, you have to wait a few years for your news brand to open an account among the people.

The above story also applies to the advertising activities of brands. Even if you have the largest advertising budget in the world, you will still compete with a long-time and lovable winners like Nike or Microsoft. After all, the reputation of such a winner should suffer somewhere, right?

I think you are now familiar with the second advantage of Google Ads. When you use Google Ads, regardless of your brand position in the market, users can display your links and advertising content separately. This is the distance between you and the winner

The world gets bigger and smaller, or in the language of the family, you walk the 100-year-old road overnight. I do not know you, but I’m already impressed by this tempting feature of Google Ads.

Reliable return on investment


High and reliable return on investment

Every entrepreneur will face a lot of worries about the return on his investment when he gets into his pocket and spends money to develop his brand. Even thinking about advertising failure and losing the brand budget is enough to make you think, let alone that entrepreneurs are struggling with such a problem. At that time, they will have the status of a film producer whose costly film did not even make money at the box office and has already passed under the razors of critics.

The third advantage of Google Ads for marketers who are always worried about their return on investment is a magic potion. In Google Ads, you can not only set your advertising spending ceiling, but with the platform’s auction system, you can identify the cheapest advertising offers and fly them like a professional hunter. In the native language, Google Ads has thought of zero to one hundred stories, and since it has a glimpse of the financial situation of small businesses, by designing an auction system, it has started a kind of competition between brands without considering any previous price. Has enabled brands to take advantage of cheap advertising opportunities; So interesting and exciting!

To make things easier for brands in the advertising world, Google has generally designed three payment models for them. Based on this you can use the options of pay per click (CPC), payment per thousand impressions, or in relative terms, the number of times the content is viewed (CPM), and finally payment per action by the visitor (CPA) You have. Undoubtedly, the meaning of the first two examples of payment is quite clear, but in the case of CPA, it should be said that in this way, you have paid for every specific action taken by users. For example, if your benchmark is how to open your text or video content is to get users to click on your ads, you only pay for the ads when a user clicks on your link and then reads your full content. That way, you will no longer have to pay extra for marketing and you will be guaranteed a return on your investment, which is guaranteed.

Types of Advertising Models in Google Ads

Types of Advertising Models in Google Ads:

Everything Marketers Need to Know!

 You are now very familiar with Google Ads and its benefits for digital advertising. I hope you are not too tired so far because the exciting part of the story has not started yet. Just as movies often come with a lot of interesting and surprising points from the middle of the story, we want to give you an exciting account in the second half of our article. So fasten your belts to go to the various models of advertising in Google Ads.

Search Campaign

  1. Search Campaign: The most popular Google Ads ads

Google is such a big and influential brand that most people experience the world of the Internet with its lovely search engine and its nostalgic logo. I do not know about you, but for me, for many years, the Internet was the equivalent of a Google search engine. The story is probably more or less the same for the current generation. Anyway, here is the foot of the search engine, which has eliminated all its rivals like Yahoo. However, starting Google Ads advertising from this lovely search engine will not be too strange or surprising.

If you are one of those people who immediately grabs the keyboard for any problem or concern and browses Google, you have probably noticed the ad tag in the corner of some of the links on the first page of Google. . As you can guess, these links are exactly the work of Google Ads and give marketers a golden opportunity to overtake their competitors. For example, if you search for the term laptop, the first result that may appear to you, regardless of its brand, is the ad tag. So if you think that you can maintain the first rank of Google only by producing SEO content, you are sorely mistaken!

Just as spectators at a sporting event are willing to pay more for tickets to places closer to the pitch, brands sometimes even offer very bizarre offers to grab the top to third Google results. . Of course, in the meantime, in addition to the financial offer of the brands, Google also has a look at the quality of the desired link and the completeness of the brands’ site. So if you dream of using Google search engine advertising, you should not only pocket it but also pull the link to your site and its content link. Otherwise, even if you are lucky and Google does not take a lot of objections from your site, customers will be ashamed of you like ruthless critics. After all, customers in the market are not joking with anyone, and you can not sell them black crows instead of canaries.

Shopping Campaign

  1. Shopping Campaign: When your products rank first

 No one in the world hates shopping and even the most impatient people in the world to explore the world of a thousand colors.

The various products will come, they will no longer be tied to their feet. Until two decades ago, shopping in department stores may have been the only attractive option for people, but now the situation is completely different. Just as Google has won the hearts of users with its search engine, it also has many dreams of buying them online. If you do not agree with us, it is enough to search for a general product such as a laptop in Google; Then you will be faced with a colorful offer to buy. simply!

If you’ve thought that Google’s shopping has developed without a plan, you probably still do not know Google’s revenue-generating methods very well. The story here is exactly like the billboards on the football field. In the native language, different winners have a full-blown competition to get their ads displayed in the Google sales section, and in the end, only the brand that offers the best offer will have a chance to win this battle. This episode sounds a lot like epic movies, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, the shopping campaign section has won the hearts of brands more than it is attractive to customers. Anyway, here we are talking about the hassle-free sale of products to Google’s billions of users, and the story is not a joke at all. Of course, Google is also thinking about small businesses, and with its amazing personalization features in Google Ads, it has also made it possible to target a limited number of users. That way, you no longer have to spend all your budget on Google Ads and end up alone with the whole creditor. So if you have an attractive product for customers, but many customers are not yet familiar with it, Google Ads is waiting for you right now.

Display Campaign

  1. Display Campaign: Lovely banner ads

In a world where many users go for all sorts of ad blockers before they even get their browser fully up and running, it seems a little strange to talk about display ads. If you’re one of those people who underestimate or even ridicules theatrical advertising, we need to change your mind about it once and for all. Because Google has invested heavily in this type of advertising, and by the way, blockbusters do not have much effect on your escape from these small banners.

Undoubtedly, any user who has even visited Google once has easily seen small banner ads on various sites. You may think that such ads are a direct source of revenue for sites, but with a closer look, you will see the traces of Google. Let’s make it clear at the outset that there is no news of hacking popular sites by Google, but that such popular sites are Google’s contractors for optimal advertising. You must be wondering where other optimal ads came from. So let’s take a closer look at the issue.

Since Google does not have a good deal with wasting users’ time at all, it has invested in popular sites other than its services to display ads. In this way, with the cooperation of Google Ads, you can display your ads on any famous site and millions. In the meantime, just have a standard banner ad. That way, in the world of advertising, no brand will reach your feet.

We have not forgotten to say that your banners are displayed in different places on the sites based on the cost you spend. So if you think you can get around Google by saving, we’ll disappoint you. The Google Ads auction system, meanwhile, may raise prices for popular sites. If you want to know our opinion, when the auction on a site gets very hot, it is better to go to another site before putting all the spending on your brand. Otherwise, you may lose all your one-year advertising budget for a simple banner on a popular site!

Video Campaign

  1. Video Campaign: Advertisements with the most popular format in the world!

Now that we’ve covered the three most interesting Google Ads campaigns together, it’s time to talk about video campaigns. I do not know you, but I think the use of video advertising in a world where most people watch video always and everywhere is a trump card that no one can easily ignore.

Of course, video ads such as display campaigns can not be placed on any site or page. Well, watching a promotional video as soon as you open a page is not an experience that is very useful for brands. For this reason, Google has completely changed its system in this case. Brands can display their videos briefly on YouTube by paying for advertising on Google Ads. This way, there will be no news of occasional user protests, nor will your video be viewed globally.

If you’re a fan of science fiction movies, the story of artificial intelligence will probably do you good. Although the story of Google’s video campaign is not at all similar to that of such films, it is at least a significant development in the use of artificial intelligence in advertising. Based on the nature of your campaign, as well as the type of video ads you have, Google Ads puts a lot of personalization options in front of you. That way, your hair will no longer leak and no one will get tired of watching your video ads; So simple and exciting!

The same Just as hotel rooms are very different and there is always a luxury suite for wealthy travelers, Google Ads has amazing services for a winner on a higher budget. One of these services is video advertising without the option to jump (the same as our Skip). This means that the unlucky user has no choice but to watch the brand for 15 seconds. I agree that this service is a bit unfair, but if you have a good promotional video, then like queuing, users will line up to get to know your brand.

  1.  App Campaign: The latest Google Ads service

The latest model of advertising in Google Ads is ironically the newest. If until a few years ago TV and PC were the most popular communication devices in the world, now the game has completely changed. The story began in 2007 with the unveiling of Steve Jobs, the first generation of smartphones. Since then, smartphones have changed a lot and few people in the four corners of the world do not have one of these tempting products. Even when you have a phone, you are constantly familiar with the types and varieties of its apps. With that in mind, it’s not far-fetched for marketers to take advantage of advertising opportunities in popular mobile apps, right?

Working with Google Ads in the in-app campaign section is a lot easier than you might even think. First of all, you start by designing a small banner, and after defining the scope of your target audience, you will find advertising positions in some apps based on your budget. Remember that if the quality of your ads is too low, after a few complaints from users, your entire collaboration with Google Ads will be cut off. So be careful not to waste your budget and credit just by thinking about working with Google Ads!

As the name of the in-app advertising campaign suggests, these ads are displayed within some of the apps on Google Play. Of course, if users buy the premium version of the apps, there will be no more news of such ads. The good news is that users are often reluctant to spend money on apps and watch in-app ads wholeheartedly. So your idea of ​​interacting with your target audience and visiting your ad is completely flat.

Concluding remarks

Concluding remarks

Unlike always, this time we do not intend to talk about the end of our adventure in the world of Google Ads. Because you are still the first job and you are just familiar with the advertising models on this professional platform. We hope this article, however small, helps you get acquainted with Google Ads and its advertising models. We promise to be your guest again with the new sections of Google Ads training. So until then, if you had any questions about advertising models on Google Ads, please let us know right here.

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