Why Google is the first choice for advertising worldwide?


Why is Google good for advertising?

Why is Google good for advertising?

Why do you think we should choose Google Ads from among the various advertising methods? 

The world today is a world of technology and digital. A world where there is no news of old shops and stores and we can have everything we want with a simple internet search. All information and product is easily available to us through the Internet. This issue will become more tangible in the near future and the world will really become a small village. Because of this, there is a lot of competition between different businesses, and the winner in this game is the one who can use the best facilities and opportunities.

Google has more than 5 billion searches per day and is known as the most widely used search engine. The vast experience of the Google Ads platform – nearly 20 years – confirms how effective Google advertising can be. The results obtained from this tool show that the return on investment of this tool is excellent and is eight dollars per dollar. Of course, when your competitors are using this tool, it is better that you use it to progress as fast as possible.

That’s why business owners, online stores, and webmasters should not underestimate Google Ads. This tool will make the best use of the money you spend and will give you the highest return.

We as a marketing and advertising agency digitally deal with many advertising methods and we have reviewed the feedback of each of them many times. Believe that this experience of many years has proven to us that Google advertising is one of the best and most targeted advertising methods in the world!

Over the years, we have seen many customers multiply their sales using Google Ads in a very short time. One of our customers was so satisfied with his advertisement that, according to him, he hired 3 new staff to be able to respond to his customers! Another of our customers, which was a mobile online store, was able to increase its daily sales 6 times in a short period of time! It is also very low cost and minimal.

In today’s article, which is the second article in the advertising series on Google Search Network, we want to tell you why using the Google Ads advertising method is even more important for our business than dinner!

Now you might say that our profession is just your claim. So it’s better to explain why Google Ads can transform your business. May you believe it!

6 reasons to start Google ads right now!

reasons to start Google ads right now!

Here are six different benefits of making Google Ads an ideal advertising method for businesses. Be with me.

Advertising on Google is quite targeted

Advertising on Google is quite targeted

Google Ads service with its amazing targeting features allows you to display your ad only to users who are exactly looking for your services. What could be better than this? Let’s make a comparison. Let’s say you have a “disposable tableware” product and you want to promote your products on Instagram. How likely is it that you will find users who need your product right away and are willing to order it through Instagram?

But in Google ads, the situation is different. You only pay for an audience that searches for keywords related to your business. This means that your ad is displayed to the audience at the moment they are looking for your services.

If one searches for the phrase “buy disposable tableware”, one is definitely looking to buy this product. And that means your chances of selling (provided you have a quality product and good service) are really high. This level of purposefulness has never been possible in any other medium.

Keep in mind that the more specific your business is, the more important it is to accurately target your audience. That is to say, for a truly specialized business (for example, a business that sells a concrete pump machine), practically no other advertising method can be imagined than Google.

Your expenses are completely optimal and targeted

Your expenses are completely optimal and targeted

In Google Ads, the cost is calculated only per click on the text of your ad, and the display of the ad has no cost. As a result, you can be sure that your ad is profitable. Because you will not pay any fees for those who do not choose your site.

Of course, let’s look at the other coin. If your Google ads are not properly managed, all of your advertising costs may be wasted. So you need to make sure that you set up your ad in the best way (in this book you will learn all the right principles for success in Google Ads.)

If you want to manage Google Ads yourself, learn how to use it. Otherwise, be sure to submit your ads to a trusted agency.

The results of Google Ads are quite tangible and measurable

One of the most important advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing platforms, such as television or even face-to-face marketing, is that it is easily measurable.

In Google Ads, you can see at any time how many people click on your ads and enter your site. Also, the daily and monthly reports that are provided to you show you on what date and hours you have the most visits.

The variety of these reports is enormous. You can scrutinize all the details of your campaign and find out about entry status, display, cost, and many more.

You can even measure your advertising return on investment (ROI) thanks to the amazing features of Google Ads. This means you can find out how much you have spent, how much you have sold, and how much you have made. (And this is unique in a word!)

It is safe to say that there is no report you want and Google Ads will disappoint you! These reports will help you a lot in analyzing the success rate and optimizing the ads.

Google Ads Increases Your Sales Instantly!

Google Ads Increases Your Sales Instantly!

One of the most important features of Google Ads is that your sales increase immediately after the ad starts. You will top up your account, specify your campaign settings, and your ad will start running as soon as Google approves. From now on, you will be present in your related searches and you will have a chance to sell.

In fact, Google ads are one of the fastest-growing advertising solutions. The solution that you will reap today and you do not have to wait for the result. Even methods such as banner advertising (which usually costs a lot of money) do not have this quick return and are more suitable for branding your business.

The cost of advertising in your hand!

The cost of advertising in your fist!

In Google Ads, you can set daily advertising budget ceilings. For example, you can specify not to spend more than 25 dollars a day 

You can also set the price of each word manually and to your liking and make sure you pay a reasonable fee for each click.

These features will help you to better manage your money and make sure that no expenses are wasted. So it does not matter how much budget you have. Whether you have 50 dollars or 5000 dollars, you can advertise for the same budget

Of course, if you do not have time to price each of your words, you can tell Google to do it for you automatically.

The cost issue in Google is very sensitive and we recommend that if you are not in control of Google Ads ads, abandon the personal management of the campaign and leave your ads to specialized agencies.

Your competitors are using Google Ads

Your competitors are using Google Ads

To find out how much your competitors are using Google Ads service, just search for a keyword related to your business on Google.

To better understand the issue, it is not bad to know that in a company like airline agencies, especially in the days before the holidays, more than 30 travel agencies may advertise the word “online ticket purchase” at the same time. All these agencies are in a momentary competition with each other and have started a full-scale war to be higher in Google results! Why?! Because they want to, and of course, their advertising costs will return at a significant rate.

In fact, thanks to Google Ads’ high performance, every time you start your ad, you are one step behind competitors who started earlier, and one step ahead of those who have not yet started! (The sentence was heavy and a few minutes of deep breathing were suggested).

Perhaps now the question has arisen for you that in view of this highly competitive market, what chance will you have to get results from these advertisements? I will tell you, please put aside the excuses. I promise you that in whatever guild you are, you will still benefit from your share of this market.

Now you know why Google Ads is so popular and eager to get started. So it’s time to warn you: starting ads without knowing Google Ads can quickly lead to disaster.

In the next article, we want to make a comparison between SEO (search engine optimization) and Google ads and see how each of them can be effective in our success and sales. Stay with us.

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